FusionTM 6000

Park Industries has introduced three versions of the FusionTM CNC Saw & Waterjet System. The FusionTM series machines are based on the same ultra-rigid fabricated bridge structure, which is precision machined for superior sawing and waterjet cut accuracy. The saw has a 20 hp motor, which runs the 16-inch blade up to 1,250 rpm, producing a cutting rate of 17 feet per minute. The waterjet system has a 50 hp intensifier pump rated at 60,000 psi, which cuts 3 cm granite up to 17 inches per minute. The waterjet cut matches a common line cut with the saw blade for finishing contoured cuts, holes and blade to part curf interferences. The FusionTM series can fabricate full slabs up to 12 x 7 feet. In addition, the Park FusionTM systems feature a part nesting software, which increases stone yield while reducing material costs, according the company.
The FusionTM 6000 is the base model with a standard waterjet tank. The FusionTM 6200 is a dual tank system, which increases the machines production capabilities while increasing labor efficiencies, reports Park Industries. Both the FusionTM 6000 and FusionTM 6200 have an optional tank cleaning system.
The FusionTM 8000 CNC saw and waterjet includes massive dual tilt shuttle tables, making the FusionTM 8000 the ultimate high-production sawing system, according to the company. And, the FusionTM 8000 can be adapted into a future Park Integrated Production System (IPS). The IPS is a system approach, integrating software that links machines together, transforming a fabrication shop into a production facility. The IPS modular system design allows fabricators to install a FusionTM 8000 with the goal of integrating it into a future Integrated Production System.