Stone University is now offering stone restoration lessons from its popular online training classes. “Our first online class is a huge success, with over 20 attendees from all corners of the world,” said Fred Hueston, Stone University Dean. “We have sold out our live class, so we are now offering the individual lessons.” To date, Stone University is offering the following four lessons:

Lesson 1 - Geology and Stone Identification

Lesson 2 - Names of Stone, Grinding, Honing and Polishing, and Why Does Stone Shine?

Lesson 3 - Powder Polishing, Recrystallization and Job Procedures

Lesson 4 - Granite Restoration & Polishing, Pricing and Marketing

There will be a total of eight lessons available once the course is complete. Each lesson is $49.95.

The lessons are not only audio recording, but visual as well. The power point presentation is visible as Hueston conducts the class. To order, contact Stone University at or send an email to