As part of its new branding initiative, CaesarStone® is currently issuing a brochure highlighting its quartz surfacing products. By fusing leading-edge technology and design innovation, CaesarStone makes one of the finest quartz surface products in the world, the company reports. The company’s product offers high style and low maintenance and a product warranty. It is eco-friendly and nonporous, preventing the growth of surface mold and microbes. The brochure contains charts showing the product’s benefits over other materials such as natural stone, laminate and solid surface. Another chart indicates the thickness and slab weight of the material. Furthermore, the colors, look and feel, edge profiles, dimensions, value and price are all discussed in the brochure.
John Sofio, founder and president of Los Angeles-based Built, Inc., works in the tradition of modern designers who design, build and furnish unique residential and commercial spaces, and he has said that CaesarStone’s products are an essential ingredient for his designs. “I want my projects to be timeless and lasting, so I try to give that classic, timeless feel to the countertops,” Sofio said. “CaesarStone’s quartz surfaces let me explore different types of looks -- from modern to traditional style homes.”