ETemplate System recently announced the release of Version 2.3, an upgrade that further expands ETemplate Photo’s unique and exclusive automatic timesaving and accuracy enhancing features that are not available with any other digital measuring system, reports the company. ETemplate’s photography based measuring technology benefits all industries that have a need for as-built measuring.
A primary enhancement in Version 2.3 is the consolidation of the automatic DXF drawing and BackPlot™ features into the process center. It streamlines and better organizes the user interface for management and operation of the software. As with any digital measuring system, the use of CAD is essential to complete a digital template. The process center minimizes the need for CAD knowledge; a single mouse-click automatically executes a DXF drawing using the points generated from processing the digital photographs taken at the jobsite. Not only does it automatically add features such as overhang, radii and off-sets, once the DXF is generated, each entity of the drawing can be independently selected and modified. When the modification is entered, the entire drawing automatically re-draws itself (parametrically) to adjust for the modification. The operator pre-selects the type drawing they need to complete from a drop-down menu. Current options include open room/space and closed room/space drawings, and countertops. The process center can be customized to automate repetitive tasks to meet varying industry needs. Additional options to accommodate these needs will be included in future releases or can be customized to meet the special needs of a customer. Another key improvement in Version 2.3 is the addition of features that further enhance quality control and accuracy verification.
ETemplate has also added two additional choices of target/markers -- rolls of ½-inch dot markers for use in measuring smaller features and rolls of Intelli-Marks™ in a 14-bit pattern. The 14-bit is a larger target that provides over 500 unique markers, and is ideal and recommended for larger projects that require more unique markers, according to ETemplate System.