VMC Technical Assistance Corp.is now offering the VMC 803, the newest high-production heavy-dutyplanetary machineavailable in the marketplace. The outer diameter head is 32 inches with three inner diameter heads at 10.5 inches. The machine weighs 650 pounds with a variable speed of 300 to 10,000 RPM;15HP, 25 Amp motor.

Circle No. 312

Omni Cubed Design, LLChas introduced theSeam Setter, an innovative “three-in-one” installation tool used for joining seams, leveling seams and stabilizing backsplashes. The product offers a reliable and convenient solution to achieve high-quality seams between stone pieces. The Seam Setter features durable hand-pump vacuum cups, which provide full-contact reliable hold, and if needed, the cups can be re-pumped without losing the remaining vacuum. The two leveling components slide on rails for custom placement on each side of the seam, and feature non-spinning, leveling feet with vinyl caps to prevent scratching of countertop surfaces. The extended rail-ends have soft vinyl caps, which make this tool a great solution for backsplash stabilization. Seam Setters are made in the U.S. from long-lasting anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel components. The company offers two sizes of vacuum cups for varying stone applications, available in 4.5-inch and 6-inch cup sizes.

Circle No. 321

Park Industrieshas introduced the all-new ThinStone® TXS-4500Stone Veneer Fabrication System- a system that creates thin veneer corners and flats from processed sandstone or limestone, either from split face or natural finish materials. This revolutionary system is designed to dramatically reduce production costs as well as significantly increase production capabilities, according to Park Industries.

The system can process soft limestone to the hardest sandstone. The ThinStone® TXS-4500 can cut stone up to 12 inches high, 2 to 24 inches long and up to 12 inches thick. Park's new ThinStone® TXS-4500 is a revolutionary approach to improving and increasing the production of thin stone veneer corners, according to the company. By giving fabricators a better, more profitable method of creating finished products, the ThinStone® TXS-4500 system is helping to make natural stone veneer become more affordable and more available for residential and commercial construction uses, states Park Industries.

Circle No. 318

Pirate Designs, LLCrecently unveiled its newWedgeeâ„¢ safety tool, which is available through local and national distributors such as Hard Rock Tool, GranQuartz, Sommer and Maca, Stone Boss Industries, National Abrasives and Granite City Tool.

The Wedgee™ safety tool creates the ideal space between slabs, whether 2 or 3 cm, so a slab clamp can be easily inserted and slabs safely moved. This new slab-handling tool keeps employees and customers away from the front of slabs and out of what OSHA calls the “fall shadow zone.” If used properly, the Wedgee™ safety tool helps importers and fabricators save time, save lives and preserve slabs, reports the manufacturer.

The Wedgee™ safety tool was well received by importers, distributors, fabricators and industry advocates at Coverings 2006. “Anything that helps save lives in the natural stone industry is something every distributor should look at seriously,” said Gary Distelhorst, Executive Vice President of the Marble Institute of America.

The Wedgeeâ„¢ safety tool enables an individual to safely move a slab - weighing anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pounds - without standing in front of it. To separate slabs, the Wedgeeâ„¢ safety tool is inserted from the top or side of a slab. The pointed edge of the Wedgeeâ„¢ safety tool slides between slabs, and, when fully inserted, creates the proper spacing so a slab clamp can be dropped between slabs easily and efficiently.

This long-lasting safety tool is manufactured from durable material in an easy-to-spot fluorescent yellow color. Designed specifically for the stone industry, the Wedgeeâ„¢ safety tool helps increase employee safety and OSHA compliance, reports the manufacturer.

Circle No. 317BC50:Marmo Machinery USArecently announced the availability of theDEP-250 Water Reclamation Unit. This machine is ideal for shops that would like to reclaim water and save money on their water bill, according to the company.

This advanced piece of equipment is a self-contained system that will allow fabricators to reuse water from existing operations, and reduce exposure from mandated EPA regulations. The unit is made with galvanized steel and reclaims 250 liters, or just over 66 gallons per minute.

This system solves the problem connected with sludge and contaminates in the shop's water, reports Marmo Machinery USA. It accomplishes the water sludge separation by using liquid flocculent and gravity. The sludge will then be extracted and dehydrated through a series of filtering bags. Once full, the bags can be easily disposed of.

Marmo Machinery USA can install and warranty the system very quickly with minimal shop interruption. The many benefits will place fabricating shops in a great environmental situation, while paying for itself over a 12-month period.

Circle No. 297