ORLANDO, FL - Laticrete International celebrated its 50th anniversary as a leading producer of innovative tile and stone installation systems in grand style during Coverings 2006 in Orlando, FL.

Henry M. Rothberg, Laticrete founder and chairman emeritus, delivered a speech in which he thanked Laticrete's employees, both past and present, and the Bethany, CT-based company's base of loyal customers for their support. The gala event was a great chance for Laticrete to gather with all of its friends- distributors, general contractors, associates and representatives, to share in the success and strengthen the bonds that Laticrete has built over the last five decades.

On hand at Laticrete's 50th anniversary celebration were Manny and Michael Magallanes from Aqua Mix, Inc. of Corona, CA. Aqua Mix, which has been a valued Laticrete business associate for over 15 years, is a global leader in stone, tile and grout care maintenance products and has held many joint sales presentations with Laticrete over the years, according to David Rothberg.

Also on hand was Larry Catalano from Nicata Contracting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who has been a committed Laticrete customer for many years. Catalano is currently using Laticrete products to install the Olympic-sized swimming pool at Havergale College in Toronto, and is a great promoter of Laticrete products to architects, engineers, general contractors and homeowners in the greater Toronto area.

A great time was had by the more than 500 guests in attendance who ate, drank and were entertained by great musicians, flamenco dancers, and of course, each other.

“It was a great way to celebrate our 50th anniversary,” said Sean Boyle, Laticrete's director of business development. “We'll probably have an even better party 50 years from now.”