Salem Stoneof Winston-Salem, NC, a major source of high-quality, cost-effective stone fabricating supplies and equipment, has recently distributed its latest70-page Supply and Equipment catalog.

The supply section of the catalog contains CNC tooling manufactured by Diamut, tool holders, saw blades and in-line polishing bricks, as well as a full line of polishing discs for manual applications and much more.

The equipment section showcases a wide selection of state-of-the-art equipment, including Gmm bridge saws, Montresor, Monlevi and Bovone straight-line polishers, an ESAB waterjet and CNC stoneworking centers from Omag as well as Fraccaroli & Balzan water cleaning systems.

Circle No. 291

Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. is now distributing a new 39-page catalog featuring itsdiamond polishing tools. The company's diamond polishing discs are manufactured with unique bonds, patterns and diamond concentrations to suit a variety of surfaces and machinery, and are designed for long life, swarf removal and speed on granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete and agglomerate, Diamond Productions Canada reports.

The catalog contains an easy-to-follow index page that breaks the sections down into the following categories: polishing tools, grinding tools, shaping tools, Tru-form tools, cutting tools, coated tools and accessories.

Circle No. 290

Bonstone Materials Corp. has released aDVD that provides an extensive look at the Touchstoneâ„¢ family of products. The DVD begins with a brief history of the company. Then it features a menu where specific products can be chosen for in-depth technical information, as well as video demonstrations on uses, mixing and application. Not only is this DVD the perfect tool for installers and fabricators, but industry professionals who are seeking product knowledge and training on Touchstone products, the company reports.

Circle No. 289