Domenico Borrelli

CHARLOTTE, NC - Tenax USA has recently made some changes to its sales staff. The company promoted Domenico Borrelli as the new Sales Manager. In his new position, Borrelli will be selling and supervising the company's full line of products, including polyester glues, epoxies, sealers, color enhancers, abrasives, cutting tools and diamond specialty tools.

His function will also be to coordinate and expand the extensive Tenax distributor network in the U.S. and Canada. Borrelli has been with the company for three years as an area manager, and he has greatly contributed to its rapid growth and overall success.

Gabriele Bellini

Additionally, Gabriele Bellini was appointed as the new sales representative for Tenax USA covering the eastern part of the country (east of the Mississippi River). In his new position, he will be responsible for the selling of all Tenax products in the area and for the technical and post sales support. Before joining Tenax, Bellini had his own company in Italy selling polyester resin, gel coatings and industrial epoxies. “His expertise in the chemical field is going to bring to both his co-workers and his clients a great deal of knowledge, raising the overall awareness towards the superficial treatments and the adhesion of granite and marble,” said Filippo Emanuel, the company's General Manager.

Marco Fortin

Marco Fortin was also appointed as the company's sales representative for Canada. In his position, he will sell Tenax diamond abrasives, epoxy resins and diamond cutting tools to granite manufacturers in Quebec and in the rest of the Canadian territories. Fortin, who has been in the stone business for over 15 years working as a sales rep for Talbot and Toolgal, will bring to the company the expertise and the required technical support for all the major Canadian Tenax customers. His responsibilities will also include the supervision of the sales to the Canadian fabricators throughout the appointment of new Canadian distributors and the support towards the existing ones.

Yvan Almodovar

Furthermore, the company has appointed Yvan Almodovar as the Canadian technical representative, helping the Canadian abrasives and epoxy resin customers to achieve the best quality and results from the use of the Tenax products. Almodovar has years of experience in granite manufacturing. His last job was production manager for the Polycor Group, and he is very familiar with the use and optimization of the granite manufacturing process.

“The addition of such a powerful combination of human resources in Canada and the U.S. will bring for sure a lot of customer satisfaction between our existing clients, and will help Tenax expand and consolidate in the North American region as much, if not more, than in the rest of the world,” said Emanuel.