Weiman Home Care Productshas recently launchedWeiman Granite Wipes, which are specially formulated to keep granite glossy and stain-free, reports the manufacturer. “Homeowners have trusted Weiman's Marble, Granite and Countertop Polish for years,” said Carl DeMasi, President and CEO of Weiman Home Care Products. “We recognize that our consumers are constantly on the go, so we wanted to provide them with a quick and easy wipe that will keep their marble and granite countertops sparkling.”

Weiman's granite wipes are ideal for quick clean-ups around the kitchen, but are also perfect for cleaning and conditioning bathroom countertops, floors, wall surrounds made of granite and other natural stone, the company reports.

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Unique materials such asDelirium feldspar and Nautilus graniteare available in a slab format fromMarmi Bruno Zanet, a company that has been in business for almost half a century, and offers more than 100 Brazilian granites characterized by different tones, veins and grain.

Nautilus granite is quarried in Rondonia - a state near the Amazonian Forest - and is brown with a light blue background, mostly suitable for the polishing process. Delirium feldspar comes from Bahia, Brazil, and has grey/blue coloring with intense green and golden veins.

Teams of 450 highly specialized employees operate the 25 quarries owned by the Zanet Group, which also owns eight slab yards located throughout Europe, South America and Asia. These quarry sites are equipped with modern and sophisticated excavation machines and state-of-the-art equipment, the company reports.

New technology adopted by Marmi Bruno Zanet enables the company to produce various finishes, including sandblasted, bushhammered, grooved, shaved, smoothed and polished.

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