Marmo Meccanica USA recently an-nounced the availability of the HTO-1B, a fully automatic bridge saw that is ideal for quickly and accurately cutting granite and marble slabs. The HTO-1B is an extremely heavy-duty, well-built machine designed for the toughest cutting jobs. It is made with a double-beam bridge and oversized steel con-

struction. Bridge movement is on cylin-drical rollers contained in oiled guides. Rack and pinion gearing with helicoidal teeth ensure smooth movements, re-ducing play and wear.

The bridge saw is programmable, which allows the operator to program its movement in manual, semi-auto-matic and automatic cutting mode. It can even operate without the operator present, and can program up to 792 different cuts for maximum flexibility over a wide range of jobs.

The controls are easily understood and simple to operate. The command panel is supported by an adjustable arm hinged at the far right of the bridge. It contains all the commands necessary to control the machine, in-cluding the programmer.

A 20 HP motor provides cutting speeds of approximately 120 lineal feet of 3-cm-thick material per hour. The motor is connected directly to the cutting blade without the use of V belts.

This direct-drive system allows the HTO-1B's motor to obtain the char-acteristics of a 25 HP belt-driven motor. The bridge saw is built for U.S. power standards of 230 v. 60 Hz. The unit's cutting blade head can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees. Thanks to its precision components and construction, angle cuts are accurate and easily made.

Each HTO-1B is equipped with an hydraulic tilting table that is a great assist in loading slabs on the cutting surface, greatly reducing manpower requirements as well as reducing potential injuries to shop personnel, according to Marmo Meccanica USA.

The unit is equipped with a rotating table lockable at any angle position. The table is easily rotated. The angle shot indicator displays the angle at which the table is being rotated through, which can assist the operator in positioning angle cuts quickly and accurately.

Circle No. 290