GREEN MOUNTAIN FALLS, CO - Francisco Sotomayor of the Marble Studio of Green Mountain Falls, CO, designed the “American Woman” sculpture - a life-sized marble masterpiece of a beautiful woman reclined atop a 10-foot-long concert grand piano. The sculpture weighs about 10,000 pounds, and the marble came from the same quarry as the stone for the Tomb for the Unknown Soldier and the Lincoln Memorial. The 123- x 62- x 84-inch sculpture, which was completed on May 9, 2003, took over 1,600 hours to complete during a 16-month period. The sculpture has been on tour around the U.S., visiting a total of 16 cities. At every city on tour, Sotomayor gives and signs over 1,000 marble chips, and thus far, he has signed 17,000 of them. All of the chips he signs are from the original 21-ton block of marble that the American Woman came from. The marble sculpture is the first to have carved eyelashes, and it is a composite of six different models, this way she is not recognized, but is the best of every woman. The sculpture has been on ABC, NBC and CBS News over 30 times, a dozen radio interviews and over 100 newspaper articles. Polycor Inc., headquartered in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, is one of Sotomayor's national sponsors.