A new brochure is now available from AGM of Pineville, NC, featuring the Pro series -- the new range of CNC work centers designed to offer high performance. The brochure shows a diagram of the Intermac Pro machine -- ideal for sculpturing and inlaying -- and provides a description of each of its functioning parts. The machine's Z-axis stroke with 390 mm and powerful 12 kW electro-spindle allows surface milling of blocks with optimized working times. With its automated front and rear protection allowing good accessibility to the worktable, the machine is quick and easy to set up, reports AGM.

Additionally, the machines of the Pro series have a powerful numerical control with multitasking functions and completely digital axis interpolation management. They also have a photo-electric barrier for greater safety with full access to all parts of the machine.

Furthermore, the machines are powerful and versatile, as they include a high-power operating group available with 4-degree angular and inclines axis for maximum machining versatility. The large (4000 x 2100 mm) worktables allow large pieces to be machined or set-up the machine to produce a number of pieces with just one placement. The brochure also gives a brief description of the other machines in the PRO series, including the PRO, PTO t, PRO c and PRO ct.

Circle No. 286