SUNNYVALE, CA -- A global marketplace for ceramic tile, natural stone and accessories -- -- has been established as a technologically advanced trading center for buyers and sellers to meet and trade over the Internet.

The state-of-the-art service is backed by its Silicon Valley partner, GlobeTrades.Com, Inc., a company dedicated to creating global business-to-business marketplaces that enable companies to reach new markets and overcome international trade barriers.

"Together with GlobeTrades.Com, will quickly automate the supply chain in the ceramic tile and stone industry," said Srikanth Nadhamuni, CEO of GlobeTrades.Com. "This is a highly fragmented industry that will be able to improve its productivity rapidly by using GlobeTrades.Com eMarketplace. Time-to-value for our tile and stone customers will be dramatically improved. The Internet is creating efficiencies in many different industries on both the supply side as well as the distribution side. GlobeTrades.Com's eMarketplace solution and services can be customized and deployed from between three weeks to three months.

Prior to starting GlobeTrades.Com, Inc., Nadhamuni was the director of engineering for Healtheon, where he was part of the initial founding team responsible for building the key business-to-business products for the company. Healtheon was founded by Jim Clark, who also founded Silicon Graphics and Netscape. Founded in 1999, GlobeTrades.Com's mission is to deliver $10 billion in value to its customers by 2002.