The MiterMaster with the VersaTable, a tracking saw system for producing precision miters, is the newest addition to the AccuGlide product line. The unit is engineered to increase shop production by clipping profiles on countertops and backsplashes, or by setting up the jobsite for quick and chip-free quirk miters. According to the company, no other saw sets up in less than a minute and provides the versatility of cutting perfect 46-degree miters on all types of stone, in the shop or on-site. The MiterMaster's unique design places the entire tracking system at 46 degrees to the stone, instead of pivoting the motor. By keeping the triangular stabilization of the saw intact, saw deflection is eliminated, which translates into smooth, ridge-free cuts without blowouts on the top edge of the miter. The operator is cutting instead of grinding the miter, increasing the production rate.

Circle No. 294