Located in the rich stoneworking state of Espirito Santo, Brazil, Andrade S/A has continually made a name for itself as an exporter of slabs and tiles to the world market, including the U.S. That status is currently being boosted with the installation of two new gangsaws and a new polishing machine from Italy.

The company, which was established in 1990 by C¿lio and Zelto de Andrade, processes stone primarily for export. It currently exports 90 to 95% of its production, including 60 to 70% to the U.S. market. The factory processes materials quarried throughout Brazil, including traditional granites as well as more exotic materials.

Slabs are now being processed on two existing Barsanti Macchine gangsaws and finished on a Simec polishing line. This equipment, which was manufactured in Italy, was purchased in 1996.

To add capacity, Andrade is currently in the process of adding two new Model Alcione 600 gangsaws from Barsanti Macchine, which represent the latest generation of machinery. Additionally, the company is adding a second automated polishing line from Simec.

The company's production capacity is currently 25,000 square meters of material per month, but that is expected to double with the new gangsaws and production line.

In addition to the gangsaws and polishing line, the company's slab production has been enhanced with the addition of an automated line for applying resin to the slabs as needed. This line reinforces the slabs with resin products from Tenax, an Italian firm.

In addition to the slab production, Andrade is a steady producer of granite tile products, which are exported around the world. For tile production, blocks are cut on a Simec blockcutter, and the resulting strips are processed on an automated Simec tile line that includes a 5-head calibrating machine and a 20-head polisher. All of this machinery was purchased within the last few years, and the company's tile production rate is 6,000 square meters of material per month.

To handle the increased sales volume at Andrade, the company is building new offices on its site in Serra, Espirito Santo. It has also established "Andrade Italiana" in Verona, Italy, which will focus on the distribution of natural stone for the international marketplace.