BUFFALO, WY -- BuffaloStone, Inc., creators of Stone Planking[tm] (patent pending), announced the “summer tour” of the company's traveling showroom, the “Rolling Stone” -- a 53-foot custom-designed tractor/trailer fit out floor to ceiling in Stone Planking[tm]. It is primarily used by Buffalo Stone, Inc. as an exhibition showroom for international and national trade shows, but is also available for use by the company's dealer network.

Kelly Lawrence, president and CEO of BuffaloStone, Inc., will be introducing Stone Planking[tm] to architects, interior designers, dealers and clients in Northern and Central California as well as Las Vegas and Reno, NV. Additional stops on the tour include Denver, CO; Phoenix, AZ; Santa Fe, NM; and other cities in the Rocky Mountains and desert southwest. The “Rolling Stone” will also make its way to the Southeastern U.S. later this summer to promote the opening of its East Coast distribution warehouse.

BuffaloStone Stone Planking[tm] is natural stone quarried from locations throughout the world and cut to dimensions of 6 inches wide by 1 to 4 feet in length. Current stone offerings include granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone and quartzite. A “unit” of Stone Planking[tm] is comprised of four 3⁄4-inch-thick stone planks, which measure 1 to 4 feet. As each Stone Plank is 6 inches wide, each “unit” of Stone Planking[tm] covers an area of 5 square feet. Due to the varied lengths of planking in each unit, any number of proprietary patterns may be utilized in installations, according to the company.