COLD SPRING, MN - Granit Bronz, the mausoleum division of the Cold Spring Granite Co., has launched a new line of upscale columbariums featuring architectural designs commonly found in larger private and community mausoleums.

"The upscale columbariums showcase contemporary and classical designs and architectural features like domes, columns and murals that you will not see in similar-sized columbariums," said John Mueller, Granit Bronz general sales manager of mausoleums. "The columbariums are designed by our top chapel and community mausoleum designers." Cremation is the fastest-growing death-care option in the U.S., yet the selection of niche-columbarium designs, especially smaller versions, has tended to resemble pre-assembled boxes emphasizing functionality and durability over artistry and beauty, according to the company. The upscale columbariums are a departure from the box-like designs. They resemble scaled-down versions of larger mausoleums with ornate architectural touches and grand, elaborate designs, reports Cold Spring Granite.

Six classical and contemporary structures, holding 32 to 324 niches, are available. The new columbariums will provide churches and cemeteries with more choices to enhance the beauty of cemeteries, including grounds surrounding chapel or community mausoleums, with small- to mid-sized columbariums.

The upscale columbariums are backed by Granit Bronz's 10 to 50 worry-free warranty, according to the company. Granit Bronz will repair or replace any defect in the building for a period of 10 years and repair or replace any granite component that has failed, including carvings, murals and crypt/niche fronts, for a period of 50 years.