Brachot-Hermant's plant in Belgium fabricates stone into a wide variety of finished products. And while one of its specialties -- processing blocks into slabs and tiles -- is relatively familiar, it also has developed a method for producing a very unique stone finish, which is exclusively performed on the premises.

Slab and tile production
Before the process of cutting a block into slabs and tiles actually begins, Brachot-Hermant first determines the exact coloring, structure and the quality of the block. This is done using a diamond wire saw from Pellegrini, which makes the initial cuts in a block. Afterwards, for slab production, the block is cut into slabs with gangsaws and diamond circular saws from Breton.

The surface of the raw slabs is then worked depending on the finish - polished, honed, flamed or a specialty finish - with polishing machines from Breton as well as a machine for flaming and bushhammering from Pellegrini. The company also has equipment to apply reinforcing resin to the slabs as needed.

For tile production, standard sizes and a range of tile lengths are produced with multiple circular saws and production lines from Breton.

The Anciento finish
The Anciento finish was conceived to produce rough natural stone with a soft finish. In the opening step of the process, the surface of the stone is textured, first by sandblasting and then by flaming. Then, by means of a unique technical procedure, the pores of the stone are filled. By executing this process, the surface of the granite is undulated with an irregular finish that also feels soft at the same time.

The Anciento process can be done on all varieties of granite as well as on calibrated slabs (Calibrato), even up to 10 mm in thickness.

Brachot-Hermant reports that the finish of the stone makes it suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms, cladding, floors and walls, stairs, terraces and pool surrounds. The standard range of colors with the Anciento products from Brachot-Hermant include Ghibli, Multicolor Red, Vert Maritaca, Kashmir White, Black I, Rustenbuild, Baltic Brown, Rose de la Clart?Paradiso Bash and Labrador Blue DB.

The company has a total of approximately 80 workers, and it runs multiple shifts to meet client demand.

In addition to its stoneworking operation, Brachot-Hermant exploits natural stone from its own quarries. This includes different varieties of Labrador, which are exploited from the Monzonite and Larvik granite quarries in Norway. Recently, the company also began quarrying Rose de la Clart?n Perros-Gu?c, France. It has also introduced the new Okite range of agglomerates, available in slabs and tiles.

Also, in addition to its fabricating plant in Deinze, Belgium, the company has a second plant in Hour-Havenne, Belgium, as well as factories in Poland and India. It also has sales offices throughout Europe, including locations in the Netherlands, France, the UK and Poland.

Brachot-Hermant's "Stone Gallery" to hold open house

The full range of Brachot-Hermant's product line will be on display from March 14 to 16, as it hosts an open house at its facilities in Belgium for its customers.

The event will showcase the product range of slabs and tiles in marble, granite, slate, limestone and blue-stone. Applications for the products include kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, stairways, terraces and swimming pools as well as cladding. Different surface finishes available are honed, bushhammered, polished and the company's exclusive Anciento finish.

A special area of the exposition room will be reserved for exclusive materials such as onyx, Azul Bahia and Azul Cielo.

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