SGM introduces a new grout kit with eight new colors added to the palette. The new colors reflect fashion trends in the industry and will be available in Unsanded Dry-Set and Security Polymer grouts, according to the company. The new colors will also be available in Colorguard Grout Stain, and have been developed with professional designers and industry experts to provide the best selection in the industry.

SGM also offers a new freestanding tile grout channel kit. The kit displays 36 colors for Sanded and Unsanded Security Polymer grouts, including Quarry Grade grouts, Colorguard Grout Stains and the EGS Mortar and Grout System. Additionally, the kit has a unique feature in that it displays the channels when closed, but also folds back to become a self-supporting platform for the kit when it is opened on a counter.

Circle No. 233