Now offered by Breton S.p.A. is the new Levibreton KG 3000. New characteristics include an increased number of heads from 19 to 21 as well as a new model of the grinding head SP/6/VP with larger dimensioned high-speed diamond rollers engineered for increased performance. The maximum bridge translation speed was increased by 50% and the power of the bridge translation motors were increased by 150% contributing to the increase in production and in the quality of the polish, according to the company. The new electronic control system for the vertical position of each spindle continuously monitors the remaining thickness of the tools on each head, thus enabling programming of tool change.

With the new All Parameter Control System (APCS), it is possible to program the speed of the bridge travel in different patterns on the surface of the slab on longitudinal swath as well as the working pressure for each individual head following longitudinal swath from the PC on board the machine. This feature improves the working of badly sawn slabs by reducing the bridge speed over the badly sawn lateral swath. The PC on board the machine can also be used to control and minimize raising of the heads on entering and exiting the slabs and still keep the desired working space in order to ensure a better polish with respect to the leading, trailing and side edges of the slabs that a high belt speed can be maintained. The APCS also includes an infrared sensor that does not wear out to monitor the slab thickness.

Circle No. 249