TBMZ Marble Block Cutter

In a growing industry such as this, constant change is necessary to stay ahead of the game. Manufacturers of stoneworking machinery and accessories have recognized that in the field, the status quo quickly becomes outdated. So, once again they have outdone themselves by evaluating the products the stone industry has come to rely on, and analyzing what can be done to make them faster, more efficient and more cost effective. Equipment has once again been adjusted, improved, upgraded and completely redesigned, creating new capabilities within the industry.

Machines are now able to handle multiple tasks, eliminating the need to spend a fortune on additional bulky equipment. Some popular models have even been equipped with computers so they can virtually complete tasks on their own. Removing the limitations once placed on stoneworkers, technology has also succeeded in increasing production for all sizes of stone operations. New machines and tools have created new opportunities for fabricators, and an increase in technological advances has led to an increase in business within the stone industry.


The FPZ 500 and FPZ 700 bridge saws from Zonato are now available through Stone Boss Industries of Woodside, NY and San Francisco. The FPZ 500 is a heavy-structured bridge cutting machine with VEE guides in an oil bath, on which the spindle units slide. An adjustable-speed motor regulates the cutting spindle and the bridge movements directly from the control panel. Activated by this 5-hp motor, the head lifting is driven by a vertical steel beam with a 5-inch diameter. The electrical and water connections are both performed by a cable holder chain, and the machine comes complete with a turnable table featuring a hydraulic brake, which is fixable in any position from 0 to 360 degrees.

The Zonato FPZ 700 is a single-blade machine designed to ensure sturdiness, cutting precision and reliability for low running costs and high productivity, according to the manufacturer. Fully automatic electro-mechanical drivers operate each machine axis, and accident-prevention housing protects all guideways. Fitted with a turnable workbench, the machine carries out single-pass cutting, although a multi-pass cutting option is available. The machine can also be fitted with an optional coping device, a pneumatic piston locking system, and a laser beam.

Also from Zonato is the TBMZ marble block cutter. Designed to last a lifetime, this sturdy and reliable machine features electro-welded enbloc beams and uprights, which are strengthened with ribbing. Compact cutting spindle units ensure high cutting speeds, and the entire machine is enclosed for total waterproofing. Working at a wide range of speeds, the TBMZ's horizontal disc can be adjusted in two cutting directions. With interchangeable oil bath crossways and longitudinal sliding guideways, the machine allows for full electro-mechanical movements and total automation of programmed cuts. Electrical and water mains connections are kept completely separate as a safety precaution.

Levi Tunisi has developed a new bridge saw, the LT FP/546, which can accommodate discs measuring 625 mm. The saw features a manual turntable with precision blockages at 0, 45 and 90 degrees. It can produce inclined step cuts up to 45 degrees, and has an inclined head up to 90 degrees. The saw can be programmed for repetition of the same cut size, and it is supplied with metal supports to eliminate the need for concrete walls.

Available from Harris Accu-Glide is the new Accu-Glide Bevel 2500 as well as the Accu-Glide 2000 model. According to the company, the 2000 model cuts 2 to 3 feet per minute, and can be switched from an 11-foot cut to a 2-foot cut in 30 seconds. This machine cuts 1/4-inch from the edge of the stone, and weighs 26 pounds. With no vibration, this machine has proven to be trouble-free since 1996, the company reports.

The new Accu-Glide Bevel 2500 is designed to accommodate a standard blade or an optional 7-inch, bevel-profiling blade from Pearl Abrasive Co. This model, with the company's V-shaped 45-degree blade, produces CNC quality bevels or chamfers from 1/8 to 3/4 inch on two sides at once in the cutting set-up. It also bevels 1/2 inch at 2 1/2 feet per minute, and a standard blade can be exchanged in 20 seconds to finish the cut.

Suited to all marble and granite fabricating shops, the Pratika S/A-A from Terzago Macchine features a main frame bench in highly resistant cast iron for stability and reduced vibration. A motor of reduced dimensions connects directly to the disc and is quieted by a soundproofed disc guard. The head tilts from 0 to 90 degrees for marble and granite cutting, and the vertical movement of the operating head is obtained by an auto-braking motor controlled by an encoder on prismatic guide coupling. The manually rotated bench locks every 90 degrees, while the automatic rotating bench can be locked in positions from 0 to 360 degrees. The Pratika's control panel arm has an LCD graphics monitor to view data. A semi-automatic version of this machine is also offered, and available options include CAD/CAM (ISO code) program reading, an RS 232 serial connection, an external PC with graphics interface, electronic adjustment of cutting and return limit switches for operating head and program setting, the ability to carry out CAD drawn profiles and shapes and an electronically controlled inverter for all required speeds.

Both versatile and easy to use, M 911/912 - M 912 CN bridge sawing machines mount a tilting disc up to 90 degrees, and are equipped with a rotating bench. Available from Pedrini Co., the M 912 CN version is equipped with a Numeric Control operated by a powerful industrial PC. The raised catwalks have been removed, and the supporting walls have been designed so that the small wall situated on the control side is lower than the other wall. This allows for a better view of the processing area by the operator, the company reports. Additionally, a photocell system instantly stops the machine if a dangerous area is entered, and the specific mechanical and structural characteristics guarantee perfect movements and reduced maintenance, according to the manufacturer.

The Model 562 TL bridge saw from Eisenwerk Hensel Bayreuth has a maximum blade diameter of 28 inches. In addition, this machine features an automatic cutting sequence; digital system for tool slide, crossbeam and height adjustment; and an operator input data facility. It also is equipped with step-cutting capabilities, a standard turntable with a capacity of 5 tons, a linear guidance system for accuracy and a 3-meter table length. Optional features include a tool slide base tiltable to 90 degrees with retractable rollers and a 3 1/2-meter table length.

Manufactured by Antonino Mantello Manufacturing Co. and distributed in the U.S. by Eastern Marble & Granite Co., the B5-Mantello 2000 King and the B5-J Automated Precision Bridge Cutter are efficient and accurate stone cutting machines for custom work with a professional finish. The B5-Mantello 2000 King has a motorized turntable with an air brake that locks in any position. The machine can be mounted on blocks or concrete walls and allows programmable cutting and digital readouts. Featuring a Testina Router, laser and vari-speed drill, the 2000 King has a 14-inch blade span, but is available in smaller versions -- the B5-Mantello 2000 Prince and the B5-Mantello 2000 Duke -- for less demanding work and lower volume production.

The Mantello B5-J Automated Precision Bridge Cutter is designed for high-performance bridge cutting and milling. It has variable feed speeds, accurate to 1/10 mm, for working granites and marble. The machine is loaded with options to meet your special requirements.

Now available from Cemar is the SG 1000, an electronic bridge sawing machine for marble and granite. The cast iron bridge is sandblasted and then varnished with two components to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance. Equipped with an inclinable head, the blade carriage holds a vertical blade that cuts up to 500 mm. The blade travels in both directions and with a speed that can be adjusted from 0 to 18 meters per minute. The steel working table can be manually revolved up to 360 degrees and has two stud bolts for stopping at 90 degrees. The machine also features a pivoting arm connected to the side of the machine, which displays a command panel complete with electronic display for bridge displacement visualization. Safety protections are incorporated.

The new Verti-1500 Diamond Wire saw, manufactured by Ogyu of Japan, is available from Granite City Tool Co. of Barre, VT, and St. Cloud, MN. This new saw is 2/3 the cost of Ogyu's Vertical Curve Diamond Wire Saw, as it was designed to eliminate the need for computer and servo motors. The Verti-1500 uses an optical tracing system, which does not require the use of a computer or servo motors and works just as effectively, according to the company. The saw uses the two axes of the turning movement of the table (A-axis) and the straight movement of the table (X-axis) to cut the curved shapes. This saw is suited for monument fabrication and for architectural and landscaping applications, as it can cut stone up to 11.7 inches thick and can cut a 29.25-inch radius from the center of a 58.5-inch stone.

Also from Ogyu are the EDW and EEW series Diamond Wire Saws and the Super Diamond Wire Saw for granite. The models in the EDW series were designed to be simpler but more durable than previous models. Models within the EEW series have the same basic mechanical structure as the EDW series, however, several simplifications were made to reduce the cost of the machine. The most obvious differences are in the diamond wiring tension devices, the thickness of the pillars, and the cart size. The Super Diamond Wire Saw is an upgraded version of an older model. It features faster wire speeds at 42 meters per second and faster cutting speeds at 30 mm per minute. The wheel material has been switched from steel to aluminum, the wire tension is now 300 kg, and the life of the wire has been lengthened to 13 sq.m/min.

Designed for the shop setting, the Diamond Laser 7000 tile and stone band saw can complete large jobs with optimum speed, according to its manufacturer, Diamond Tech International. This wet band saw slices through marble, granite and tile up to 1 1/2 inches thick, and features a heavy-duty industrial design with a 3/4-hp motor and a large 13-inch throat depth that accommodates tiles up to 2 feet wide. The DL 7000 makes precision cuts as tight as 1/2 inch radius on all types of stone, porcelain, glass and ceramic tile and is a larger version of the popular DL5000. Additionally, it includes an instructional manual, 800-customer service line and a full one-year warranty.

Introduced by Johnson Marble Machinery, Inc., the B-250 and B-300 bridge saws both feature a 1 1/4-inch, heavy-duty steel beam, providing rigorous support and ensuring accurate heavy material cutting. Arbor motors with locking pins allow the motors to be tilted at any angle up to 90 degrees, with positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees. Both saws also have control panels with joysticks and emergency stop buttons as well as pneumatic locking turntables with positive stops at 0, 45, and 90 degrees, with optional additional 45-degree increments. Offering an excellent balance of features and price, the B-250 has a manual slide rail with manual brake, and the more fully equipped advance model has a digital readout, laser alignment and an electronic gantry lock. The B-300's power gantry and carriage feed allows integrated rack and gear drives to extend for 12 feet of horizontal cutting and 13 feet of lateral movement. Designed as a

high-volume workhorse, the B-300 provides the bells and whistles without sacrificing reliability.

Available in custom designs, the TB bridge saws series from Loffler, available from Precision Stonecraft, ranges from a standard basic model to an advanced profile sawing machine with CNC controls and office PC-based programming. Featuring either a manual or motorized blade swivel from 0 to 90 degrees, the three basic designs are the TB 400, 600 and 800. Its variable-speed drive is either hydraulic or a frequency inverter, and the turntables are offered in various sizes, with or without rollers, and with an optional motorized rotation for high-accuracy positioning. Furthermore, electronic controls of modular design permit later modification or updating.

Fully automatic block sawing for unattended, 24-hour operation is possible with the programmable SP 3500 granite blocksaw from Loffler. Available in blade capacities from 8 feet to 13 feet, 2 inches, its low bridge gives a low center of gravity to provide greater stability. The hood remains in a fixed position, and the blades descend through it and onto the stone for quiet operation. Both high-rail and low-rail versions are available with a rugged design of twin-beam bridge construction.

Other features include simplified, electronic controls for setting automatic cutting parameters, such as block height and length, cutting widths and repetitions; a 3-color program which automates change of blade rpm and change in down speed and cross travel according to different types and hardnesses of granite; hydraulic raise and lower with twin hydraulic cylinders; hydraulic drive of main motor for infinite variable speed selection; a turntable for sawing ends or at an angle; and a floor-level turning station that can be loaded with an overhead crane or by fork truck.

Also available from Loffler is the Universal Diamond Saw Type TB 2000. Precisely engineered for granite, marble and other stones, the saw features a cutting depth of 25 inches. The TB 2000 is also equipped with an advanced electronic system that can be programmed on-site or connected to an existing CAD/CAM system in the office. Its stable blade support carriage travels along a precision ground bridge with replaceable stainless steel bands, and the vertical travel for raising and lowering is supported by ground prismatic guides for stability.

According to the company, the cross travel guides are fully protected from dust and water by bellows, assuring long life and precision, and the machine utilizes a three-phase induction motor with infinitely variable speed. Also, because the hydraulic guide permits variable drive speeds, blades of virtually any size can be mounted on the spindle for specific applications.

The GBC-3216-UHPA2-120 CNC bridge saw from Cedar Trade of Taiwan features a user-friendly control panel with CNC control. The 9-inch touch screen at the control panel features graphic display and conversational program editing, and a high-performance controller gives maximum stability.

The saw has a specially controlled feed rate featuring automatic slow-down, Cedar Trade reports, which extends the life of the diamond blade and allows for high-speed cutting. The sawing head can be rotated 0, 45 and 90 degrees, ensuring high sensitivity of motion for two-axis cutting, high speed and accuracy. The cross slideway is equipped with linear motion guides with immersed lubrication , and a guard eliminates dust pollution while ensuring fast traverse, high accuracy, maximum stability and long life. The saw head can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel cutting, and the machine has a simplified slab hydraulic loading and unloading mechanism.

Equipped with a variety of features, the new Python traveling bridge diamond saw is now available from Park Industries, Inc. High-high or high-low gantry track options offer flexibility to meet a variety of installations, and its heavy-duty structural steel provides vibration-free sawing for optimum cut accuracy and diamond blade life. High precision, round slide bearings on replaceable, casehardened chrome shafts guide cross travel and raise and lower assemblies. The machine's blades range from 64 to 78 inches with a maximum 32-inch cut depth, and the motor is a 50-hp arbor that provides power for a variety of applications. Programmable for automatic operation, its standard safety features minimize equipment or blade damage, according to the company. An optional 0 to 45 degree powered bridge miter for step-cut and custom applications is also available.

The Eclipse 3000 saw is also available from GranQuartz, as an addition to the Euromec line. According to the company, the machine offers a heavier, more rigid bridge to ensure precise cuts. It features a blade tilt of 0-90 degrees maintaining motor axis in the vertical position, automated cross travel, and vertical movement up to 8 inches. The machine includes the 16-inch Silent Core GranCut III, 35 mm arbor, an input keyboard mounted on swing arm, and a worktable with recessed rollers and height adjustment. The maximum cutting length the Eclipse 3000 can handle is 10 inches, and the maximum cutting depth is 6 inches. This machine offers many conveniences, with a 10-hp motor, a manual adjustable fence, an angle square complete with shoulder, and a double table extension with pneumatic recessed rollers. Available options include a laser guide and a water collection/recycling tank with pump and wheels.

Gravellona Macchine Marmo has developed six machines for sawing: the Eura 35A, a bridge sawing machine; Giga 3500, an automatic bridge sawing machine for marble and granite; Tecna 36A, an automatic electronic bridge sawing machine; Axia 38 full, an automatic bridge shape cutting machine; Quadra G15/32 1600, an automatic electronic block cutter for granite; and Quadra M1600, an automatic electronic block cutter for marble. All of these machines are available in North America from Bergman-Blair Machine Corp.

The flexibility of the Eura 35A makes both manual and automatic cutting possible by using the Multicut program to execute parallel cuts with prefixed measurements. With a pendant push button panel, an operational control panel, sound absorbent blade housing, and a 0 to 90 degree stainless steel tilting table with wooden platform and hydraulic power pack, the Eura 35A is easy to use ¿ a basic bridge sawing machine for both small workshops and large plants.

The Giga 3500 is designed to transform granite and marble blocks into semi-machined slabs at any desired thickness with a maximum height of 1,500 mm. This machine has a block holder trolley with electronically controlled positioning, decimal tolerances and adjustable speed. The movement of the blade holder slide is driven by a rack-and-pinion on guides in oil bath with protections made of stainless steel, making it maintenance free. The machine also features the Polyax Color switchboard, which includes all of the operating controls and the color display, making it possible to program multiple cuts in up to nine different heights and lengths in order to work with blocks of different sizes simultaneously.

The Tecna 36A bridge saw is suitable for marble and granite and may be operated manually or automatically. The basic version of this machine comes complete with a tilting head from 0 to 90 degrees, a manual rotating table with a blocking device from 0 to 360 degrees and the Biax programmer. The programmable motorized rotating table with the ability to make orthogonal cuts and the laser are optional additions.

The standard version of the Axia 38 full comes with a granite tilting head, Multiax programmer, Sirconv software, electronic variable speed drive, automatic rotating table, and a laser. The machine is equipped with a lathe device to build cylindrical or shaped columns up to a maximum diameter of 600 mm. The Axia also utilizes CAD to create cylindrical, conical and angled shapes and has a program for automatically cutting cycles of stairs.

The Quadra G15/32 1600 transforms granite blocks into semi-machined strips with a maximum width of 610 mm and a thickness of up to 50 mm. With characteristics similar to the Giga 3500, this machine also has a maximum of 400 mm of vertical movement on the horizontal blade, precision guides with lifting-lowering limit stops and automatic oil pressure blocking programmable position.

The Quadra M1600 transforms marble blocks into semi-machined strips with a maximum width of 610 mm and a thickness of up to 90 mm. This machine features a blade-holder head for horizontal cuts with automatic insertion during the cut and opening during the return, allowing easy removal of the cut strips.

Two bridge cutting machines from Marmo Meccanica are available. The HT0-1/0 is a simple machine able to perform precision cutting, while the HT0-1B can manually, semi-automatically or automatically cut one or two overlying slabs.

The HTO-1/0 has a bridge constructed of heavy ribbed metal, which is moved using a geared hand wheel. The bridge moves with rack-and-pinion gearing on cylindrical rollers contained in protected oiled guides. The quick acting pneumatic stopping mechanism requires a compressed air supply. The machine features a digital display, command panel, sliding overhead support, flat blade motor and a fixed table with manual rotation, which is lockable in any position.

The HTO-1B has a double-beamed bridge, sliding overhead support, vertically fixed bench, command panel, programmer, and flat, flanged disc motor.

The Double Diamondback from W.F. Meyers Company, Inc. utilizes patented, precision diamond belt technology to gauge and finish a variety of stone materials in a single pass. Independently adjustable diamond belts cut from 1/32 to 1/2 inch from slabs up to 6 feet in length. A variety of grit sizes is available, and high-power waterjets assist in the finishing process by cooling the belts, reducing dust and assisting in smoothing. The Double Diamondback is also easy to operate with its user-friendly controls.

The Matrix GSC-2001 bridge saw is constructed with high grade components such as a 20-hp direct-drive Italian sawing motor, a precision ground saw bridge, German-made laser, amperage meter for maximum cutting efficiency, and direct drive DC-Electric motors with fingertip speed control for all drive motions. The rotary saw table features four positive position stop locks for accurate angle cutting and the Any Angle Position Lock for easy angle set-up. The inclusion of a remote control pendant and electric water control valve make operation convenient.

The Simec FP500 bridge saw, available from Precision Stonecraft of Atlanta, GA, was specifically designed to provide fabricators with an economic option for sawing. The FP500 model is ideal for countertop fabrication, and the entire machine can be delivered and installed for under $50,000.

Additionally, the FP 93 725 and the FP 93 1000 bridge saws from Simec are available through Precision Stonecraft. Both machines are 12 x 6 feet, and can cut pieces a maximum of 12 feet long and wide. The 725 utilizes a maximum disc diameter of 28 inches, and is available in three versions, and the 1000 can operate with a disc up to 39 inches and is available in two versions.

Both machines feature standard equipment such as tables with manual rotation, cut programming and manual inclination of the disc from 0 to 90 degrees. The 725 includes motorized lifting of the spindle, and the 1000 is equipped with visualized-motorized lifting. Depending on the version, additional options include a laser, automatic water closing and shape reading.

A new precision diamond wire saw has been developed by Sawing Systems. The saw cuts marble, granite, sandstone and other materials in block sizes as long as 7 x 14 feet.


Cemar, has developed the Tornado series of polishing heads. Built in several models, versions of the Tornado include Satellite, Cylindrical, Conical, and Tangential. Cemar polishing heads can be installed on nearly every polishing machine available on the market, and versions with different diameters and numbers of tools are offered.

The PLS, or satellite head, is recommended for the roughing phase while the PLA, elastic satellite head, is designed for semi-dressed, glazed and antique-finished materials as well as for polishing glazed, decorated, crystalline/grit materials and special pieces.

The cylindrical head Tornado is offered in three versions. The PPC and PCX are both created for the roughing, dressing and polishing stages. These models reduce the number of abrasive grades and offer the highest reliability. The PPC is available in five or six tool heads, while the PCX has two or three tools. The PCS cylindrical head is recommended for semi-dressing and antique finishing of ceramic granite and natural stones.

The PTC conical head with five tools was developed from an original patent in the 1950s and is still popular today. The PLT tangential head is an industry standard, which gives a high gloss finish and eliminates scratches. The flat polishing head is recommended for polishing marble and other materials, and it is available in 4-, 7- and 8-tool versions.

Alpha Professional Tools introduces the new Alpha Air-758 pneumatic polisher. Its heavy-duty casing represents its improved technology, while the spring return switch provides safety. Equipped with Alpha's rear exhaust system, it is compliant with the safety standards required by the CE Markings in Europe, and includes an oil and wrench with purchase.

The Model 5RP polishing and shaping machine from Sawing Systems Inc. has been redesigned. The machine features an edge shaper for both internal and external edging with shaped bits; a router for sink hole cutouts; a drill unit; drain boards to cut and polish drain board slopes; and a polisher for both edges and surfaces of marble and granite. Furthermore, the machine is mounted directly to the floor and is equipped with a 5-hp, variable speed motor. A steel mounting post allows for 360-degree arm movement with an arm reach of 6 feet, 7 inches. The air pressure is operator controlled for precise down feed, and a positive locking system assists with edge grinding and shaping.

The LZG 650 and LZ 2000 polishing machines from Zonato, available from Stone Boss Industries of Woodside, NY, and San Francisco, are a result of detailed research programs targeted towards product development, according to the company. These lines ensure high productivity, excellent product finishing, low-cost processing operations, advanced technology and sturdy construction. The LZG 650 granite polishing machine is available in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-head models, each of which can handle a maximum working width of 65 cm and working thickness of 10 cm.

The LZ 2000 automatic slab polishing machine features spheroidal cast iron operating heads with automatic control of lubrication, oversized low-consumption motors, and flexible, modular configuration. It has an air-operated plenum chamber to control online pressure and is equipped with safety casing in mirror-finished stainless steel. A belt cleaning system, safety devices, emergency stops, and troubleshooting alarms are included.

The EMR-B Radial arm polisher from International Machine Corp. offers features such as economical operation, stable construction, smooth movements, and high power output. Optional equipment including pneumatically adjustable pressure, two-speed motor, frequency converter for stepless adjustment of shaft speed, and polishing attachments, is available. The radial arm height adjustment is 900 mm and the manual height adjustment is 130 mm.

Ogyu Manufacturing, Inc. has introduced the P7G-16 seven heads rotary Gantry Slab Polisher with a 16-inch diamond wheel. Polishing is trouble-free with this traditional spherical touching flange and diamond wheel cushioned with rubber. Unmanned polishing can handle up to five successive slabs. Automatic grits exchange by turning seven rotary heads, which move to the next slab after completing work on the current slab.


Processing marble, granite and glass, the Maxima 5 axes features a point/counterpoint option, enabling it to perform pillars and capitals of any shape. This CNC machine by Brembana Macchine is available through Precision Stonecraft, and is suitable for drilling, cutting with a router, cutting with a saw blade and cutting with concave saw blades for circles and ovals. It is also capable of edging and polishing any thickness from 3/8-inch to 7 inches.

Other capabilities include the execution and finishing of three-dimensional surfaces such as arches, moldings and capitals; writing and sculpting complex surfaces; execution and polishing of inclined recess for kitchen countertops; digging out sinks and shower bases in massive pieces of granite and marble; and working on planes and sinks of synthetic materials.

The Magma FB350 is a manual machine that utilizes diamond-tooling equipment to shape edges as well as sink openings of marble and granite. It has a guide roller that follows a template with a unique vacuum mount system. The template is attached directly to the stone, simplifying positioning and ensuring that the arm does not limit the size of the work piece. Service and spare parts for the Magma FB350 are available through VIC International.

The Ghines Sector 93, available from GranQuartz and from Braxton-Bragg is a portable shaping and milling machine capable of inside or outside shaping without dimensional limits. Manual vertical adjustment of spindle allows tool to be set properly for each job or profile, and the machine moves easily over the work surface via nylon wheels with stainless steel bearings. Additionally, the Sector 93 has a 4-horsepower motor, and can be equipped with a 48-volt, low-tension electric motor with a separate 220-V transformer or 110-volt motor, or hydraulic connection to Darhta drive unit. Flexible waterfeed and wrenches are included with the unit, which requires single-phase/ 220-volt power.

Breton's Contoursaw FR/NC is a numerically controlled work center for profiling and cutting. Enabling multiple operations to be performed on a single machine, the Contoursaw can do the following: profile slabs with shaping tools; saw slabs with a blade using modalities typical of a traditional bridge saw; saw slabs into square, rectangular or polygonal pieces with an automated blade; and profile billets to produce thick pieces with complex shapes.

A Siemens 810 D numerical control unit controls the five axes, and a user-friendly interface is mounted on the machine. Complex operations can be executed directly from the machine or from a remote PC. CAD-CAM Bretoncam FR/NC software makes it possible to use this machine to its fullest potential.

Also from Breton are the Contourbreton NC 350 and the Spiderbreton FRPC 700/1200. Specially conceived for stoneworking, the Contourbreton NC 350 features HSK-B80 tool holding cones, larger light alloy workbenches with grooves for anchoring vacuum cups, wide accessibility to the work space from above and in front of the machine, and a durable rigid structure.

The Spiderbreton FRPC 700/1200 bridge saws controlled by an intelligent programmable unit, enabling automatic generation of cutting cycles for cutting slabs and profiling billets. A control panel with a touch screen display allows a PC to control all operations using a simple interface. This machine is suitable for cutting slabs in square, rectangular and irregular polygonal forms, and it simplifies repetitive operations as well as the data input process.

Complete tile lines for the production of small-format and tumbled tiles are available from Levi Tunisi. Standard equipment for these plants includes a Model LTLC40/3TD2 polisher, which features three diamond heads and two abrasive heads to work one side of the stone strips; a Model LTLC40/2TD2, which has two diamond heads and two abrasive heads to work the opposite side of the strips; and multi-disc Model LT 251/500 saws, which cut the strips into tiles.

The Goldmann Pressure Blaster 40/I, available from High Tech Stone of Elberton, GA, was designed for blasting lettering and ornaments up to a depth of 1 cm. Also suitable for shade blasting, this machine features a vacuum manometer, hopper inspection door, grit window, large oil and water separator, cast iron grit control valve with a range of flow settings, and light-weight metal blast head with a brush seal and automatic low suction cut out. Noted for its dust-free working, the Pressure Blaster 40/I also includes a dust extractor with large filter surface area, a cyclone dust pre-separator with automatic outlet flap, and three-meter-long sandblast and recovery hoses with a suspension mechanism.

The Goldmann BSM 2001/II + III, also from High Tech Stone, consists of three units: the basic pressure blaster, the automatic blasting machine BSM 2001, and the sandblasting cabin 1300 E. Two basic executions are offered ¿ single and multiple field versions.

Cam Tech Industries, Inc. has introduced the Laser Master and the Space Maker. A new innovation in laser engraving technology, the Laser Master produces a very high quality digitally engraved image. To use this machine, a photograph or graphic is scanned into the design computer, the picture can then be modified and the file sent to the machine for cutting into granite. Available table sizes are 41 inches x 41 inches, 52 inches x 52 inches and 52 inches x 102 inches. Custom sizes can also be ordered.

The Space Maker Vertical Router from Cam Tech takes up only as much space as a couch, while providing the versatility and productiveness of a traditional flatbed router. This machine can also be used as a cut-off saw, drill and engraver and it has a built in material storage unit.

The Radia Full KT, an electronic bridge sawing contouring machine from Gravellona Macchine Marmo, cuts slabs and blocks of marble and granite both manually and automatically. The machine features CAD technology and integral control of five axes for multiple and orthogonal cuts suitable for profiles and shapes as well as a high-speed contouring spindle for ellipses. Its modern modular construction maximizes versatility, and with the inclusion of a pendant push button panel with TFT color display and Poliax Color electronic programmer, it is simple to use, the company reports. The saw is available from Bergman Blair Machine Corp. in North America.

Kolb & Stelzmann's water-jet technology, available from KB Diamond, simplifies cutting difficult and intricate designs and production in the tough materials. Stressing accuracy, waterjet cutting is ideal for all kinds of materials with up to a 160-mm thickness, including granite and marble.

Sawing, edge profiling, and polishing machines can be found in one package from Achilli, s.r.l. Distributed by VIC International, the Achilli MultiSystem 3.0 comes with a conversion kit and a series of seven profiling and polishing wheels in the most popular shapes. To operate, users remove the blade after the slab is cut to the desired dimensions and then tilt the system to 90 degrees, attaching the initial beveling wheel. Depending on the stone and operator, this machine has the capability of turning out an average of one standard kitchen per day.

The Magnum 4-axis CNC routing and polishing machine is available from U.S. Granite Machinery of Barrington, IL. The machine is designed to be easy to operate, with a U.S.-built controlled that operates on the Windows NT platform with a large shape library. It features a 10-hp super-duty spindle and a digital drive system, and a worktable size of 100 x 120 inches allows for larger pieces.

Marmo Meccanica has introduced the CCN 2500 numerical control edging machine for marble and granite. This machine facilitates routing, drilling, and edging work on bathroom unit tops, kitchen tops, and tables from 1 to 6 mm thick. With a personalized and simple CAD-CAM program, workers who are not experts in electronics can govern this machine without difficulty. Available in a Monobloc or Open Sky structure, the CCN 2500 features an electrospindle, laser control and a waterfall system.

The Omag Lathe 94 TE, available in North America from Bergman-Blair Machine Corp., is ideal for the production of columns, balusters, vases, ovals, spirals and conical shapes in all types of natural stone. This numerically controlled, hydraulic lathe machine has a monoblock steel weldment frame that has been stress-relieved and corrosion proofed. Available in a wide variety of turning diameters and lengths, the Lathe 94 TE cuts with reinforced diamond blades powered by a single-speed, two-speeds or DC variable-speed motor.

Omag's Logo 2000, a shaping, contouring and engraving machine is also available. This numerically controlled machining center is suitable for both two and three-dimensional applications, and can be used for on-line production as well as single, one-off pieces. Its axes are driven at a high speed by brushless motors combined with ball bearing screws, while linear guides with ball runners ensure lasting quality and precision. PVC bellows and a centralized lubricating system protect the moving parts, and the company guarantees training service as well as sales assistance before and after the purchase.

Also from Omag, the Mill 98 has many characteristics similar to the Logo2000, however, mobile bridge technology makes the Mill 98 a modular machine since the supplementary application of the lathe system or the extending of the work area can be done at any moment. Able to perform a variety of duties, the Mill 98 is known as a shaping, contouring, engraving, sawing, polishing, turning machine.

Intermac CNC machines, available through AGM, have become a popular machine for processing kitchens and vanities. This is due to the flexibility and versatility of the machinery. A rapid set-up enables almost continuous production while allowing variable pieces to be processed. A user-friendly CAD system ensures a machine performance that is both accurate and repeatable. Large pieces up to 90 x 157 inches can be loaded, and multiple stations can be set up and run consecutively to increase working efficiency.

The Intermac Master-Stone 4000 can be used for cutting, edging, routing, drilling, and milling, and can fabricate various slab thicknesses. In addition to being able to process and polish pieces for kitchen tops, it can also mill inclined drain boards in kitchen applications. The machine can trace the templates or they can be digitized by the use of a high resolution digitizing board.

AGM's technical support consists of nine highly trained technicians located in Florida, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Charlotte, NC, with a new service center to be opened in the Chicago area. Phone support is managed by in-house technicians in Charlotte, where a large inventory is also kept. This ensures that AGM can supply rapid technical and parts service to minimize machine downtime.

Demonstrations, training programs and ongoing seminars are held in the Training Center and showroom in Charlotte. This enables machine operators to get valuable machine experience and drastically decrease the training time required for installation.

Z. Bavelloni S.p.A. has developed the Egar 250, a high-technology machine designed for high-quality, complex processing of stone. Useful in both large and small shops, it can produce unique pieces as well as process coarse material without an operator, the company reports. Making loading and unloading easier, the machine features an open top structure and mobile bridge on the Y-axis, which is built with electro-welded and normalized steel. Using 4-inch wheels, the working area and axis stroke can handle pieces up to 100 x 50 inches.

This machine is designed for drilling; milling; internal and external edging; artistic and geometrical bas-reliefs; writing with a candle tool; artistic and geometric engravings with a diamond candle tool; shaped pockets; execution of slant kitchen countertops with a polished finish of the top and edges; and execution of sinks machined from a block of marble or granite.

Equipped with ISO 40 tool store at 20 positions, an adjustable working plane from 0 to 1 degree for use with kitchen countertops is available upon request. Also, the spindle is separated from the motor and is not an electrospindle, enabling the operator to perform customary maintenance. Furthermore, the Egar 250 is equipped with a C axis that allows for a continuous 360-degree rotation of the tool. An optional head and disk can also process cuts and shaped blocks such as fireplaces and door frontals. The disk diameter ranges from 5 to 8 inches, and the maximum thickness a new disk will cut through is ¾ inches with the 5-inch disk, and 2 inches with the 8-inch disk.

The new Hydrasplit Underhead Stone Splitting System, with a new state-of-the-art, self-contained, load-sensing, hydraulic system, is now available from Park Industries. Utilizing a free-flow design to operate more rapidly and efficiently with less maintenance, this machine can increase production by 10 to 20% per day, according to the company. Its massive, heavy-duty construction reduces spring to result in a longer machine life, lower maintenance costs and higher quality splits.

Additionally, its proven mechanical chisel/wedge equalization system provides solid steel back up for each chisel, optimizing split quality while eliminating the possibility of oil leaking on the stone. New chisel guides maintain chisel alignment and reduce maintenance costs while a new ergonomically designed swing arm control station performs all machine functions electronically.


The Daytona Edge Profile System from Matrix Stone Products was introduced at StonExpo 2000. Daytona's hefty size, weight and power allow for a stone capacity from 3/4 to 4 inches in thickness, according to the company. Designed with the operator in mind, the Daytona is equipped to handle flat and radius edge shapes with the following features: pre-programmed profile selection; operator selectable offset and index valves; automatic degree location selector; automatic left/right position sensing; programmable number of passes for flat work; indicator lights for tool changes.

The entire combination allows for a smooth grinding length and radius capacity. The powerful variable-speed polishing motor rides along the stress-relieved carriage bridge in a smooth, servo motor-controlled, rack-and-pinion drive. The huge rubber-topped working surface is equipped with adjustable pneumatic clamps and a stone support especially designed for long pieces.

The Oma System profiling machine ¿ available through Braxton Bragg Corp. of Knoxville, TN ¿ produces maximum footage on all types of stone because of its strong hydraulically driven cutting head and its aggressive tooling, according to the company. Customers report that on harder granites, the Oma continues to cut consistently and evenly without losing power and speed.

The Auctor A92 profiling machine is hydraulically driven and has no electricity at operators' hands for safer operation. Its variable speed is 0-7,500 r.p.m. and no template is required. A complete accessory selection is available, allowing users to profile and polish.

The Antarax hydraulically powered stone cutter uses a vertical diamond cutter to make freehand cutouts, drill pilot holes for faucets, follow templates to cut out sink holes and ornamental shapes, make bas relief designs and effects, stencil and engrave.

The Oma hydraulic machine operates both the Auctor A92 and Antarax machines with a powerful 220-volt, 3-phase, 60-hz motor.

The Taurus 560 edging machine from C.M.G. srl can be used for creating and carrying out profiles up to 5 cm with a diamond tool, and up to 10 cm with pre-shaped material. A computer controls all operations, and the frontal, rotating polishing units are chromium plated and protected by rubber bellows. Also, all of the machine parts in contact with water are zinc plated or in stainless steel.

The machine's steel structure is electro-welded, fully ground, sandblasted and protected with paint. The belt is guided on its lower side by a drive belt to avoid the risk of lateral shifting, and the control panel is arm mounted. Additionally, the adjustments for thickness, width and radius search are electrically controlled. The machine is available in North America through VIC International.

Manufactured by Antonio Mantello Manufacturing Co., the B-8 Mantello 2000 is distributed by Eastern Marble & Granite. This machine provides superior stoneworking for edge profiling shapes to squares, angles and bullnoses. It edges to a polished finish and polishes stone surfaces. The B-8 Mantello 2000 cuts round table tops and profiles tops up to 5 feet in diameter. It easily handles slabs up to 3.5 inches thick and 11 feet long.

The MondialMAC Luca 88 Super, available from Stone Boss Industries of Woodside, NY and San Francisco, from is a mono-head polisher for straight and bullnose edges of marble and granite. It performs various profiles, from the rough forming of the edge to the final polishing of stone with a thickness of 20 to 140 mm. A fully programmable computer allows the user to store and recall various profiles from memory, saving time and money. The Luca 88 super is maintenance free, and the transmission system is made of materials that allow it to perform at high speeds for long periods of time without fatigue. The possibility of staining the stone with excess oil is eliminated as the machine's pneumatic system operates without the use of lubricating oil. Rapid tool changes are accomplished with a six-position carousel fixed to the carriage assembly. Additional options include auto-lubrication, an additional locking piston, a handheld wired remote control, a pneumatic revolving platform and a squaring jig.

M.P.S. has introduced several new Twister products that use hydraulic systems to facilitate machine sliding and dust removal with water, preventing electrical danger. Available from Inter Stone Supplies, the Twister Plus is a patented portable machine for shaping, polishing, core drilling, milling, bush-hammering, creating recessed planes, honing flat surfaces, cutting and more. Provided with Nylon Anti-Scratch sliding wheels, stainless steel micropheres and waterjet holes, the machine is safe for the operator and the stone.

The M.P.S. Twister Cut, from Inter Stone Supplies allows the execution of straight and curved cuttings as well as circular and inclined cuttings on any thickness, and the Twister Profile works on profiles and polishes borders and edges.

The Sasso T-1000 edging machine from U.S. Granite Machinery of Barrington, IL, is engineered to process slabs measuring between 2 cm and 10 cm in thickness. The machine features 41 hp and 14 working heads, with one head set up to use an ogee-style rough-in blade. The machine has a guaranteed production rate of 1 foot per minute for a 3-cm bullnose edge. The package price, including installation, training and a set of diamond and palette abrasives is $103,000 plus freight.

Produced by Monlevi and distributed by Sierra Tools and Abrasive, the MultiProfil creates and polishes round profiles from 2 to 15 cm and edge-polishes sides from 2 to 12cm. The machine's capacity for the length of a slab is 3500mm. It features a remote control, pneumatic locks and power.

Montresor has introduced the Lola 40-S, a machine that polishes straight marble and granite edges up to 40 mm in thickness to a mirror finish using four "Mobile" frontal heads. Their gentle rocking motion compensates for any possible cutting defects by enabling the grinding wheel to be in constant contact with the stone's surface. The conveyor belt runs on a stainless steel surface fitted with a square-section guideway, which is recessed into the bed near the pressure wheels, producing maximum stability. The starting of each individual motor as well as the forward pressure of the grinding units against the stone are automatically activated and controlled by the passage of the work piece. Montresor is represented in North America by Bergman-Blair Machine Corp.

The Lara 60-S, also from Montressor, is an automatic edge polisher specifically designed for the production of straight, slanted, and bullnose edges up to 60 mm in thickness. With a sturdy structure that has been sandblasted and given an epoxy undercoat with polyurethane enamel paint, the machine requires no maintenance. The mobile front heads are activated by accurate and synchronized mechanical transmissions, enabling the Lara 60-S to produce all types of profiles in marble and granite.

The Lara 80-S, an upgraded version of the Lara 60-S, differs in its number of mobile front heads. With the exception of the two additional heads, totaling eight, this machine resembles the Lara 60-S in its function and capabilities.

The patented Master 3500 from Marmoelettromeccanica, available from Regent Products of Virginia Beach, VA, assures users that it can guarantee no more dust, no more maintenance, no more risk of electrical shocks and no more templates. The mechanical structure is in aluminum, and the housing is fiberglass. Mechanical parts are galvanized, while aesthetic parts are heat-painted. The machine is equipped with a water system which creates a film between the machine and the slab, making it easier to move the machine and a multi-lubricant system, which lubricates a greater area of the grinding wheel then a single lubrication system alone.

Marmoelettromeccanica has also introduced the Bristol, a single-head edge polishing machine with a monolithic steel structure. This machine can handle slabs up to 3,600 mm x 1,800 mm with a thickness from 20 mm to 100 mm. Automatic movement of the polishing mechanism is controlled from a digital keyboard. The variable-speed spindle carriage movement is operated from an inverter, and the machine features internal tool lubrication. Up-and-down movement of the tools is pneumatic, and the machine features a command panel and hand-held keyboard with manual commands. The machine features three groups of pneumatic clamps, with constant pressure control.

Marmo Meccanica is offering a range of polishing machines. The LCT is an edge-polishing machine, the LCV is a straight vertical edge-polishing machine, the LTH is a straight horizontal edge-polishing machine, and the LBF-1 is a stationary table edge-polishing machine. In addition to squared off or inclined edges, the LCT polishes torodial edges and other convex shapes on slabs of marble or granite. The machine is automatic and can work continuously as long as the edges to be polished have the same thickness and are inserted one after another.

The LCV is a polishing unit for straight flat-squared 1- to 6-cm thick marble or granite edges. Marble and granite pieces are placed vertically in the LCV, a system that avoids the possibility of breaking the material as well as reducing clutter in the machine and the workspace. The LCV does not require foundations or special inclination for water discharge.

The LTH is an inline polishing machine for rounded-profiled edges, flat or inclined edges or profiles combining flat and round shapes. One or two cup-shaped diamond grinding wheels are used for all curving areas. Pieces can be loaded into the machine one after another, traversing through the series of mandrels until they are fully polished.

The LBF-1 is designed for round and flat edges from 1 to 10 cm thick. It features one moving spindle unit that inclines from 0 to 180 degrees for 100- to 130-mm diameter wheels. There are five pneumatic pistons for locking pieces and two sliding adjustable stops for their alignment. A supporting bar is provided for large pieces, and high-precision hardened sliding guides protected by stainless steel covers are included.

The Excel-Edge flat edge polishing system from Park Industries polishes and chamfers up to 300 feet of flat edges per hour. Proven Pro-Edge technology and efficient material handling make this machine a good investment, according to the company. The machine is structurally strong and is constructed for straight, smooth edges. The easy-to-use color touchscreen with programmable controls make the Excel-Edge user-friendly. Eight edge polishing spindles and four chamfer spindles provide uniformity in the entire length of the piece.

The Goldenedge CTX from Breton easily perfects edge profiles, according to the company. The machine is easy to use and requires no adjustments. This numerically controlled one-spindle machine operates using shaped diamond tools and is equipped with an automatic eight-position tool store. It can also be supplied with a diamond blade to execute drip boards. The Goldenedge CTX can handle material with a maximum length of 3,500 mm, and a thickness between 9 and 60 mm.

Options and Accessories

ABB I-R Waterjet Systems introduces the Autoline nozzle, featuring diamond orifice technology, and offering a longer life then sapphire or ruby orifices. It contains only three wear parts ¿ the orifice, mixing chamber and focusing tube ¿ and the nozzle design utilizes a pre-aligned orifice and focusing tube to reduce operator setup time by maintaining an accurate tool center point as well as ensuring an effective cutting stream. Tool-free hand tightening permits quick replacement of the orifice and focusing tube as well as quick removal of the abrasive supply hose. An extended-life, component-type mixing chamber permits replacement of only the wear insert. The entire cutting nozzle weighs only five pounds, allowing for flexibility with multiple cutting head systems.

Additionally, the nozzle package has been enhanced with a height-sensing feature to ensure constant standoff positioning of the nozzle with respect to the work piece. This maximizes cutting efficiency and protects the nozzle from running into work pieces that may have warped or have irregular surfaces, preventing its breakage and downtime, according to the company. Also, this package includes a protective bracket and electronic sensor unit linked to the machine controller.

Marmoelettromeccanica has launched the new Superdiamansint, a heated, sintered, diamond wheel that does not lose its shape of deform over time, according to the company. In fact, Marmoelettromeccanica guarantees that the profile will keep its shape for the entire lifespan of the wheel, and will not buckle or leave any scratches or lines. Because they keep their shape, these wheels adhere perfectly to the profile to reach a high degree of polish, the company reports. In-stock wheels are available as well as custom orders.

A redesigned, versatile, small-powered vacuum lifter for handling non- and semi-porous loads such as concrete block and saw-cut stone from the top has been introduced by Anver Corp. It is equipped with a wide variety of pad attachments, including one with a proprietary foam rubber seal, which is designed for moderately rough materials, according to the company. These lifters feature a wide, ergonomically designed front handlebar and controls to prevent hand and finger injuries.

Available in standard 115 VAC electric or air-powered versions, with capacities up to 4,000 pounds, the PF Series, small-powered vacuum lifters can be used indoors and outdoors. Standard features include welded, heavy-duty frames; a front control valve mounted to a handlebar for quick, positive vacuum attach and release; internal click valves to help maintain proper vacuum level if power is interrupted; and an oversized vacuum filter.

To safely pick up, place, align and install all types of heavy flush-mounted panels, Anver Corp. also introduces a new vacuum end-effector system. Created for Gradall excavators, this system bolts onto a Gradall standard boom extension mounting pattern, and is powered by the host hydraulic and electrical system to provide motorized tilt and rotation from inside the cab. Capable of lifting more than 8,500 pounds either horizontally or vertically, this end-effector permits front surface final placement and removal without the use of hooks, slings or chains. Additionally, it features a hydraulic powered vacuum pump and four-ribbed vacuum pad attachments. Also included is a joystick for motion control, red and green safe/unsafe lights, an audible vacuum warning device and suitable gauges.

Engineered exclusively for stones such as marble and limestone, the MBS CMD diamond offers superior coating technology, and is now available from GE Superabrasives. Providing enhanced diamond retention in the bond by alloying with the bond matrix, the pullout rate can be significantly reduced, according to the company. The diamond also provides protection from aggressive bonding metals such as iron, steel, chromium and tungsten, allowing the toolmaker to achieve the maximum cutting properties and increased diamond bond retention. Additionally, maximum protrusion of the CMD crystals in the metal matrix enhances the material removal rates and chip clearance, providing straighter cuts with cleaner and sharper cutting edges.

The GA 180 granulating machine is the latest development by Dr. Fritsch, enabling metal, resin and vitrified bonds with or without diamonds. This machine is fully automatic and compact at 3 feet wide, 8 feet long and 7 feet high, and only requires electricity and an exhaust connection. Because the parts in contact with the powder are mainly manufactured with stainless steel, they can be easily removed and cleaned, according to the company. Also, the GM 130 mixer is available to mix the powders and solvent before they reach the machine.

Essentially consisting of five major parts, the GA 180 frame is welded with an incorporated SPS control system. Its large capacity storage hopper receives the mixture using a continuously adjustable conveyor worm for the automatic feeding of material to the passing unit. This unit is also continuously adjustable, and uses a stainless steel sieve for the production of pellets, which are distributed to the granulating unit for shaping. A conveyor belt then transports these pellets to a drying section with a temperature-controlled, infrared radiator and aspiration system for the alcohol vapors. The end result is solvent-free pellets that can be immediately used.

For brazing segments onto saw blades automatically, Dr. Fritsch also introduces the SLM 615 fully automatic brazing machine. Working with saw blades from 10 to 70 inches; this machine features a central operating panel to enter the brazing temperature, time and cooling temperature, and exchangeable segment magazines at working height.

Additionally, a high-frequency generator based on semiconductor technology, and a precise temperature measuring and control device with an optical pyrometer are included on the standard model. Optional features include a double segment on one tooth and an automatic flux application.

A variety of WEHA stone-handling products are now available from Braxton-Bragg Corp. of Knoxville, TN. The company's A-Frame Slab Racks are made out of heavy-duty galvanized steel, and there are three models to choose from. The SR50 has a length of 98 1/2inches and a height of 50 inches, with 36 1/2inches on each side of the frame to store material. The SR49 has a length of 79 inches and a height of 49 inches, with 26 1/2inches on each side of the frame to store material. The SR 52, which sits on a slab rack for supporting larger material, features wood lining for stone protection and is 52 inches tall.

The company also offers two Cut Stone Trolleys. The double-sided trolley features a galvanized steel frame with wood lining, and dimensions of 48 inches long x 42 inches wide x 45 inches high. Its maximum load capacity is 3,080 pounds. The single-sided trolley features wood slats and an attachable workbench that is 60 inches long x 45 inches wide x 36 inches high. Its maximum load capacity is 3,300 pounds.

Scissor lifters are also available from the company in a variety of models. The Slab Grab R400 Scissor Lifter is a compact-size clamp for getting into tight areas. It accommodates materials as thick as 4 inches and has a load capacity of 880 pounds. The Slab Grab R400 Twin Scissor Lifter accommodates materials as thick as 3 inches and has a load capacity of 1,760 pounds. The Slab Grab R1000 Scissor Lifter is a heavy-duty lifter for large material. It accommodates materials as thick as 8 inches and has a load capacity of 2,200 pounds. The Slab Grab R1500 Scissor Lifter is a "monster-duty" lifter, which accommodates thicknesses up to 9 inches and has a load capacity of 3,300 pounds.

Other WEHA products from Braxton-Bragg include a Rotating Trestle Saturn, a Slab Rack Set, a Truck Clamping A-Frame and a Slab Dolly.

The StoneMedic Generation III diamond discs are the latest innovation from VIC International's Restoration and Maintenance Division. The Generation III discs are newly reformulated floor grinding discs designed to provide a superior finish to marble, terrazzo, limestone and even difficult green serpentine marbles. Included in the Generation III line is a 3,500-grit disc, which boasts phenomenal results, according to the company.

Endorsed by the industry's leading automated edging machine manufacturers and suppliers, Abrasive Technology's dependable diamond discs produce superior finishes at a great price. These discs are designed to help you maximize your total output of finished edges for the best possible profit, according to the company. Shape or calibrate edges with top performance Super-Edge Metal Bond cupwheel series. Available in coarse (C634001), medium (C634003) and fine (C634002), these tools offer no resistance to the cutting action, no matter how fast the machine is set. They are designed for ultimate performance to get the work completed in record time. The snailock mount allows for fast grit changes.

For bullnose polishing, the Super-Edge line of diamond polishing discs is designed for polishing an edge using automatic machinery. These discs offer a superior glossy shine and a fast polishing sequence on all curved edges. Additionally, they have low utilization costs due to their ability to work fast. Super-Edge allows users to skip grits and still have a fine polish result. They are available in Snailock (C911D422X) or Velcro mounted (C911D412X), and in grits 50 to 3500. For straight edges, the company offers a five-step system to the best polish on granite. The Straight-Edge Diamond system offers a great finish and fast results. This system eliminates work piece end scratches and works well on edges measuring ¾ inch or more in thickness. There is also a buffing disc to ensure the highest possible depth of color and glossy finish which is available in a Snailock-mounted version (C975400).

Two new suction benches and a suction wall have been introduced by Ghines. The Aura suction bench is equipped with an automatic depurator unit for dust exhaustion. A fully automatic washing system is included for the periodic maintenance of the filter, ensuring optimum and constant extraction capacity. Clean air is expelled through the soundproof chimney.

The Idrodos suction wall with water depurator has a strong frontal section and two articulated suction arms ensuring an equally efficient and directed suction. With a strong and solid structure and hot-galvanized dust exhaustion tank and drop separators, the Idrodos requires no maintenance. Depuration is done without a filter using a physical principle proven effective on the company's Blueline systems and Agua benches.

The Agua water-controlled dust extracting bench is the only suction bench with a water depurator inside its proper structure, according to the company. Dust exhaustion is performed through the nebulization of the water held inside the underlying galvanized tank. With the help of sucked air turbulence, the water can exhaust dust collected inside the bench without using pumps or moving mechanical parts. No maintenance is required.

Starlite wheels from Ghines allow fabricators to polish profile edges in various shapes on CNC machines with exceptional results -- even on synthetic materials that are notoriously difficult to work. Motivated by the success of this product, Ghines continues to seek and develop methods to meet the multiple requirements of end-users. Presently, Ghines is successfully testing the application of its patented vulcanization process by manufacturing Starlite polishing pads with inclined edges for polishing recessed fields and inclined surfaces. The main reason for this success has been the quality of its vulcanized products and the profile matching of metal-bonded diamond tools and rubber-bonded polishing tools -- both with respect to mechanical precision and the ideal sequence in the use of different grit sizes, Ghines reports. A CD-ROM illustrating the company's entire product range is available upon request.

The newest addition to Pearl Abrasive's line of specialty products for the stone market is its new and improved Contour Cut blade. Specifically designed to cut circles and ovals without the need for time-consuming overcuts, the Pearl Contour Cut offers unmatched productivity. The performance of this blade has been further enhanced by the addition of extended segments, located on the leading edge of the diamond matrix. Extensive testing has shown this to be the optimal segment configuration, producing a cleaner cut and faster cutting speeds.

Pearl Abrasive Co. also recently introduced a new line of Diamond Resin Disc Pads. These polishing pads incorporate Pearl's exclusive Hybrid Resin Technology, which serves to better distribute the diamonds evenly throughout the pad. The result is a product that provides optimum polishing performance and maximum life.

Available in 3- or 4-inch pads, grits range from 50 to 2000 in six steps plus a buffing disc. Pearl color-codes the back of the pads for ease of identifying the grit, eliminating the nuisance of the color-coding transferring from the resin to the stone.

Used for polishing monument edges and tops, the Twincur EG-V has been introduced by Alpha Professional Tools. It is a rigid diamond abrasive with a Velcro backing in a flexible matrix for easy polishing of serpentine tops. The Velcro backing makes the product adaptable to a variety of machines. According to the company, the polishing system offers a grit sequence from 80 to 3000, easily polishing granite edges and monument tops.

In addition, the Twincur EG-V can be used with manual or automatic radial arm polishing applications. It can also crossover to automatic edge polishing machinery, if used with a 5-inch Velcro-backed snail lock adapter, according to the company.

Also available is the Alpha Silencer Blade III for marble or granite. A specifically designed silent core blade, the Silencer cuts granite and harder materials, allowing high-performance at significantly reduced noise levels, according to the company. It can be used on a variety of hand-held applications that incorporate either right angle grinders or common circular saws. The Silencer III is equipped with a 60-mm arbor, and features a uniquely designed core of two hardened steel sheets with a then copper sheet laminated between them.

Alpha also brings to the market new technology in a silent core dry cutting blade for hand-held applications. Specifically designed to cut granites and harder materials, the special construction of the Alpha Silencer allows high performance at significantly quieter noise levels, according to the company. The Alpha Silencer can be used on a variety of hand-held applications that incorporate either right angle grinders or common circular saws. The product is design to provide an immediate and significant reduction in noise levels at their shop during cutting times. The Alpha Silencer's high quality performance is attributed to its heavy-duty construction.

Recent technological developments have allowed for this exclusive design, which incorporates two sheets of steel and a thin copper sheet. The copper sheet is sandwiched between the two steel sheets and dissipates the cutting noise from the blade. The peripheral edge has Alpha's premium diamond bond matrix. This unique design gives the Alpha Silencer the quick cutting ability and long life to provide fast and consistent results, according to the company. The Alpha Silencer is designed to be user-friendly, especially in multiple-user workshops where noise levels are extremely high.

Alpha has also developed a multipurpose blade that could perform completely different applications without changing tools. The Alpha Duo-Trak is designed to perform both dry cutting and grinding applications on granite and harder materials with right angle grinders. Users can perform straight cuts and grind a bullnose edge with the same blade on the same tool. The Alpha Duo-Trak is designed for use in applications similar to a flush cutting blade, but the diamond segments on the steel core enable the blade to be used as a grinding wheel. The product accepts the Alpha Quad adapter and can be used on any flush-cutting application. The design enables fast cutting and grinding action while maintaining a long life.

KGS Diamond International introduces a new high-speed grinding product in its Speedline® series of flexible resin diamond pads. Available in a 4-inch diameter with QRS backing and grit sizes of 50 (gray), 60 (green), and 100 (black), this product is for shaping and profiling hard marble and granite. It can be used wet on hand-held angle grinders. Twice the speed of conventional resin tools, Speedline® tools are almost as aggressive as a metal bond cup heel, but with a much finer finish, according to the company. VIC International Corp. distributes Speedline® tools.

Johnson Marble Machinery, Inc. has made a number of tools available to the stone industry -- from worktables to slab-lifting slings, and slab clamps to skate dollies. Two types of forklift booms are offered -- the drive-on boom used when the forklift forks are needed on the truck for other applications, and the bolt-on boom, which attaches directly to the carriage of the forklift. Each boom rises ten feet at a 45-degree angle with a three-foot extension on the end.

Two types of A-frames are also available. The standard A-frame is constructed of 2-inch square steel tubing and measures 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide with a 4-inch channel base skid, an eight-inch top span and a 24-inch bottom span. It is sold in pairs. The truck A-frame incorporates two standard frames joined by four cross members extending to an overall length of five feet. Custom truck A-frames can be ordered.

Another product featured at Johnson Marble Machinery is the marble slab rack. Consisting of two, ten-foot long steel bases measuring four inches high by five inches wide, marble slab racks are used for upright storage of slabs. Sold with or without the poles, this rack can hold 58 schedule 40 steel pipes with plastic safety caps to provide support.

Denver, a manufacturer of marble and granite processing machines, offers three air quality machines to the industry, distributed by VIC International. The Tidy recycling water clarifier machine does not use flocculants or mechanical working components. It has a 1.5-hp pump motor and the capacity to clarify at least 120 liters per minute in the smallest model.

The Denver Ydrator dehydrator mud machine was designed in order to resolve the problem of the drying and collection of mud. Complete with an electric pump and connection pipe, the Ydrator has a 1.5-hp motor and the capacity to output 0.25 cu.m of dry mud weekly in the smallest model. The Ydrator/M has an elevated weekly output capacity. All models include biodegradable polypropylene sacks.

The Duster modular system in aspiration includes a dust collection and beating water circulation system in the unit. The fan rotor and volute, dimensioned to the motor power, permit an optimal suction condition. The dust collected by the suction is beat down by water in a collecting refluent water tank or flushed to the outside. The unit is available in three versions -- a differentiated dust aspiration working bench, a vertical suction unit, and an articulated arm unit, fitted with metallic support for wall attachment.

The Denver Ermator S 12 small dust extractor offers 99.996% dust containment, according to the company. It can be used with a variety of tools for grinding, sawing, shaping, surface prepping, coating removal on concrete, and mastic and thinset removal. The manufacturer reports that this is a effective and practical way to meet OSHA requirements. The machine's portability permits it to be used in on-site applications and it can be used with most manufacturers' tool dust hoods. The unique Longopac bag system contains all dust particles, allowing proper handling and disposal without the creation of mud that is possible with wet systems. The continuous bag provides maximum efficiency.

In using the Ermator S12 in conjunction with the StoneMedic Mighty Max floor machine, the two machines can be connected so that when the Mighty Max is turned on, the S 12 is also activated. A variety of accessories are also available for tasks such as diamond grinding, scarifying, scrape away, and dust shroud.

New lifting gear from Dal Forno is now available from Stone Boss Industries of Woodside, NY, and San Francisco. Installations suspended lifting gear is an overhead structure permitting a flexible and rational service in the movement of materials, without sacrificing the surfaces of the ground. The capacity of this equipment is 125/1000 kg.

Safety, simplicity, hardiness and compactness characterize the chain electric hoist, a component of the installations lifting gear. It is one of the essential instruments in the movement of materials, reducing both time and costs, and has a capacity of 125/4,000 kg.

Instruments for the empty lifting gear allow the transport of marble, stone, and other materials by exploiting the depression realized by vacuum pumps and circumscribed by the surface of the suction pads set on the material to be lifted. The capacity of these instruments is 50/5000 kg.

Consolidated Diamond is offering a new product for shaping and polishing a 20-mm ogee pattern on granite, marble and synthetic countertops. Consolidated developed this fast-setting set of metal and resin router bits for accurate and clean shaping, which enables the polishing grits to complete a very pleasing edge detail, the company reports.

Designed to work on most popular brands of professional routers, the product is engineered to save hours of handwork. Precision manufacturing at Consolidated's facility in Wayne, NJ, ensures vibration-free workmanship -- even at high speeds -- eliminating the need for variable-speed machinery.

Dongsin North America has formed a new research and development office in New Jersey, and the first product to be introduced for fabricators is Water-Fed Polishing Drum Wheels.

This series of Diamond Drum Wheels allows blending through final polishing for curved granite edges, which were formerly worked with discs. Sink bowls and lavatory tops can be quickly finished with minimal effort at a reduced cost, according to the company, which reports high-quality results on a broad range of stone materials.

The new set of diamond wheels works well on all popular hand-held, water-fed polishing tools, Dongsin reports, including CNC Machinery and Park Industry Wizard Units as well as Sawing Systems Workstations.

Diamond Direct Tools of Greenfield, WI, announces the New D-Cut Panther Silent Core Diamond Blade. The Panther Blade is designed to cut hard granite and other stones. According to the company, the blade is unique due to its patented design, which eliminates the standard sandwich core design and replaces it with a solid steel core, while still achieving an 80% noise reduction. This allows Diamond Direct to laser-weld the segments versus the standard silver-soldiered design, which permits for a tougher and more resilient bond system. This laser-welded bond system allows fabricators to cut faster without premature segment loss, and the laser-welded segments promote longer life while reducing noise. Blades are available in 14, 16, 18 and 20 inches, in both standard and mega segment.

A broad range of CNC Tooling is available from GranQuartz. They company's high-quality bits are produced to precise tolerances by one of Italy's foremost diamond tooling companies. Its warehouse in Atlanta, GA, is stocked with a wide range of profiling wheels, fingerbits and core bits for all CNC fabricating requirements. The company supplies tooling for CNC machines including Bordi, Breton, Z.Bavelloni, Brembana, Gregori, Intermac and most other popular machines.

GranQuartz also offers a turnbuckle kit, a quick and convenient method for joining countertops and other surface edges. The kit consists of two powerful rubber vacuum cups with ABS handles that will not scratch even the most delicate polished stone or corian surfaces, the company reports. Rust-resistant parts withstand wet conditions associated with natural stone fabrication, and the cups are equipped with Red-Line leakage indicators to ensure consistent pressure. The kit is for use on non-porous materials.

Dia-Chemi adhesives from GranQuartz are produced using high-grade resin fillers for a silky smooth consistency, supreme bonding strength and rapid drying time, according to the company. All mixing colors are in stock for immediate delivery. The product is available in quarts, gallons or 5-gallon drums, available in the following formats: transparent knife grade; transparent flowing; buff knife grade ; buff flowing; white knife grade; and white flowing.

New stone fabrication tools from Disco-Sea America, Inc., are Gold Granite, Silver Granite, and Gold Marble blades. Part of the Sea line for wet applications, these blades feature a special core design and tailored bond system and product design. The benefits provided by these blades include reduced noise, smooth cutting, low production costs, longer life and faster cuts.

The Gold Granite Long Life GS blades utilize a 20-mm-high segment for the longest life. Gold Granite Fastcut GW blades also use a 20-mm-high segment, but have the split segment with two segments per landing for a faster cut. Both the Gold Granite Long Life GS and the Gold Granite Fastcut GW blades come in a variety of sizes.

Silver Granite Long Life GS and Silver Granite Fastcut GW blades both utilize a 10 mm-high segment, giving the best value when considering life of the blade compared to its price, according to the company. The Silver Fastcut blades have the split segment for a good value and faster cut.

Wet cut blades for use on marble and limestone as well as granite and sandstone are available from Texas Diamond Tools, Inc. All TDT blades are tentioned to run between 9000 and 12000 surface feet per minute and each blade is furnished with a 1-inch arbor hole and a 7/16-inch drive pin hole, unless otherwise specified. Only the highest quality steel is used.

Marble and Limestone Wet Cut Blades and Granite and Sandstone Wet Cut Blades with standard cores are offered in the following sizes (in inches): 12 x .125, 14 x .110, 14 x .125, 16 x .125, 18 x .125, 18 x .140, 20 x .140, 24 x .140, 24 x .187, 30 x .220, and 36 x .250. Silent core versions of these blades are available in the following sizes (in inches): 14 x .125, 16 x .125, 18 x .125, 20 x .140, 24 x .187, 32 x .250. Cores are silent copper laminated and can be retipped if they pass the company's inspection for cracks and are tensionable. The exact size will change with segment height. Texas Diamond Tools advises customers to check maximum blade guard capacity before ordering. Arbor size and RPM should be specified.

The Cutting Edge is offering a new cupwheel, which is thicker than the original and has a higher concentration of diamonds. The product, which is sold at a lower price than the original, offers a longer lifespan, the company reports.