A new 24-page catalog featuring a full range of vacuum related material handling equipment, from below-the-hook lifters to totally integrated vacuum lifting systems, for applications as diverse as box handling to mill-duty,

is being offered by Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA.

The Anver Vacuum Material Handling Equipment for all applications and industries catalog, includes a complete range of vacuum lifters, tilters and rotators; ergonomic vacuum lifters; mill-duty lifters up to 60,000 pounds capacity; and custom designed equipment. Featured are self-powered mechanical lifters and others powered by either electrically or compressed air.

Providing readers with an overview of the company and their products, this catalog describes how custom machinery can be built from standard components for cost-effective vacuum solutions, involving almost any load and environment. Systems are available for lifting, picking, tilting, rotating, placing and packing.

Circle No. 233