ORLANDO, FL -- A moving unveiling ceremony was recently held at Lake Highland Preparatory School as it dedicated its honor code monument, which was donated by Mystic Granite & Marble of Orlando, FL, in honor of the new Highlander Honor Code.

"The children were a part of the entire process of creating their monument," said owner Darlene Spezzi of Mystic Granite and Marble. "We gave the children photographs of many different natural stones in a variety of shapes and sizes to select from. They hand-selected an 8- x 5- x 4-foot green granite boulder and designed their own layout." Mystic Granite then had one side cut at an angle, polished and etched the code onto the stone.

The honor code reads:

¿ A Highlander¿s word is the truth.

¿ A Highlander¿s work is completely his or her own.

¿ A Highlander respects the rights, feelings and property of others.