Milestone Imports is a company that specializes in importing high-end stone. They are focused on importing porphyry, a natural stone similar to granite. This stone has been used for over 3,000 years in the roads of ancient Egypt and Rome, because of its beauty as well as its durability and being practically maintenance-free, according to the company. It used to be that porphyry was only available through a long and expensive process, usually from Europe with limited size and color choices. Milestone Imports has exclusive distribution rights throughout North America for Mexico Porphyry Stones, owned by Italian quarrier Mondial Porfidi. The Italian quarrier's European technology and management has developed a modern operation in Central Mexico, which allows Milestone Imports to offer a large selection of porphyry color and size for an excellent value and fast delivery time to the U. S., Canada and Asia, reports the company.

Circle No. 289