Miracle Sealants Co. of Arcadia, CA, has recently distributed a new catalog featuring its new stone and tile maintenance and protection products. It includes sections on penetrating sealers, color and gloss enhancers, cleaners and abrasive compounds.

Additionally, the publication shows a selection of upright and hand-held machines that are ideal for cleaning, polishing and honing as well as a variety of diamond abrasives offered by the company. Each section contains an in-depth description of the function of the product and a list of materials for which the product works best.

Miracle Sealants Co. also offers packages that include all the necessary products to protect and maintain stone and tile materials. The company also sells a prepackaged tile and stone care center, which includes a number of product mixes, or customers can create a customized package with products of his or her choice. The catalog also features sales aids, including manuals, CDs, handouts, posters and other forms of literature. In addition, new products include high-quality repellents for both the textile and metal industries.

Circle No. 287