Kangli Stone Group has been in operation for more than a decade. The company has grown to become a leading producer in the Chinese stone industry, exporting to markets worldwide. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Kangli has established additional fabricating facilities in Shuitou of Fujian for processing marble and granite.

The plant in Shenzhen, which opened in 1989, occupies an area of almost 650,000 square feet, with the working area comprising more than 310,000 square feet of space. The fabricating facility is equipped with many machines for stone processing, including gangsaws, bridge saws and Breton slab polishers as well as machines to cut special architectural elements. In total, this plant outputs a little less than 11 million square feet of slabs, 6.5 million square feet of cut-to-size products and approximately 320,000 square feet of arc panels on a yearly basis.

In 2001, Kangli Stone Group set up Kangli Stone Co. Ltd. Shuitou Nanan, which fabricators soley granite. The plant sits on roughly 44 acres of land, and produces approximately 39 million square feet of granite slabs and about 22 million square feet of granite tiles and other elements annually.

Commitment to quality control plays an important role in Kangli's business. The company, which is owned by Rose Wang, received ISO9001 certification in July of 2000. It strictly carries out this system in its work to ensure a continual improvement in production, efficiency and service quality, stated Kangli.

In order to satisfy both its domestic and international customers, Kangli maintains a regular stock of more than 200 kinds of stone materials from around the world, including nearly 60,000 cubic meters of rough blocks and 8.6 million square feet of slabs. To cover all its markets, the company has offices in countries such as Egypt, Italy, Spain, India, Turkey, Brazil and the U.S. In total, Kangli employees 1,200 workers.

According to Kangli, Europe is its largest market at 30%. The Middle East and Korea and Japan are 20%, while the U.S., New Zealand and Australia, and various other counties each comprise 10% of the company's market. A total of 40% of the Kangli's work is cut-to-size, 20% is architectural elements such as fireplaces and 20% is tiles, 10% is slabs, 5% is blocks and 5% is miscellaneous products.