Diamond Tech International offers the DL 5000 and DL 7000 tile and stone band saws, which have been designed with the user's needs in mind, reports the company. The Diamond Laser 5000 diamond-bladed wet band saw is capable of 95% of the cuts typically made with waterjet technology, reports Diamond Tech. The key to the three-wheel system is its top wheel assembly, which pivots on a separate bearing with suppressors controlling its motion. By absorbing more vibration, the saw is capable of extremely effective blade/material contact; the blade tensioning knob is directly connected to the top wheel assembly for precision adjustments, according to Diamond Tech International. The saw features a 24- x 24-inch work area and a “blocks and bearing” guide, which adjusts to virtually any position.

The DL 5000 is equipped with a 611⁄2-inch diamond-coated steel blade, and can be portable. It weighs only 45 pounds and has its own carrying handle. Additionally, it is powered by a 1⁄2 hp variable-speed motor, which enables it to cut through glass, granite and anything in between, reports the company.

The new DL 7000 wet band saw is ideal for fabricators looking for a big saw for big jobs. Designed for the shop setting, this wet band saw slices through marble, granite and tile up to 1 1⁄2 inches thick. The saw features a large two-wheel design, which creates a 13-inch throat depth to accommodate tiles up to 2 inches wide. According to Diamond Tech International, the DL 7000 includes an instructional manual, a toll-free customer service line and a one-year warranty.

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