Laticrete International, Inc. has developed Laticrete[r] Spectralock Grout with Microban[r] designed to lock in color and block out stains. It can be used as any Portland cement grout, but performs at the optimal levels of an epoxy grout. Now reinforced with Microban, this grout inhibits the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The product has been formulated for color accuracy, color uniformity, stain resistance and durability. It is easy to apply and clean up, like Portland cement grout. It is also intended to harden fast and be ready for foot traffic in 12 hours, reports Laticrete.

Laticrete Spectralock Grout offers over 220 color combinations with the optional dazzle component. Dazzle is an exciting look that produces metallics, mother-of-pearl and glow-in-the-dark when blended with Laticrete Spectralock Grout 40 lifestyle colors.

“Laticrete Spectralock Grout with Microban is the stainless grout that never needs sealing,” stated Kathleen Scranton, Laticrete marketing manager. “It keeps the tile installation looking brand new for years. Designers can now specify the right sized tiles instead of designs that minimize grout joints. Plus, the grout is a designer element that truly complements tile and stone designs. It's easy to keep clean, offers color uniformity with no blotchiness or shading, and will not discolor from household cleaners.”

Circle No. 291