CHARLOTTE, NC - Walker Zanger, a leading maker of fine stone, handmade ceramic tile and architectural glass products, hosted its network of Certified Walker Zanger distributors at a weekend-long sales training seminar in Charlotte, NC. “The goal of the weekend training seminar is to get our dealers excited about Walker Zanger's products, help them with daily sales challenges and merchandising their showrooms,” said Bill Brown, Vice President of marketing. The seminar kicks off Keynote Speaker with Marco Marson, founder of Marco Polo Explorers. His core philosophy is “How to Engage in Naked Thinking.” After the keynote, the seminar topics included “WZ 101,” a survey of classical design and its influences on Walker Zanger's products; the “Showroom Experience,” covering very important point of sale issues and how to connect with the client; “Showroom Design,” focusing on organization and simplifying the showroom to provide product and visual display techniques to calm the overwhelming consumer; and lastly, “Overcoming Job Challenges,” what to look for with job problems, to calm the consumer and resolve the situation. The seminar's finale was a grand dinner thanking everyone for coming. A total of 210 clients attended, and this was the second training seminar that the company put on for its clients this year.