The Omag Profiler, which is now available from Bergman Blair Machine Corp., is a computer-controlled routing and engraving machine designed for materials such as marble, granite, limestone and glass. It is capable of working in 3 axes simultaneously, allowing operations as carving, engraving, contouring and drilling to be performed. Typical applications include kitchen countertops, vanities, memorials, bas reliefs and stone carving. The numerical control has been specifically chosen for its operator-friendly design and trouble-free performance. All axes movements are powered by AC brushless servo motors, which drive precision ball screws. Linear bearings and guides act as the machine ways - both are protected by PVC bellows. Moving components are lubricated by a centralized system, which is pro-grammable through the computer. A frequency converter system controls the spindle, maximizing horse power and torque. This is most useful when routing hard materials or producing tight curves and patterns, reports the manufacturer.

Circle No. 288