LEXINGTON, KY -- At Stones & Granite of Lexington, KY, custom design is the word to describe the company's team of professionals, who have been awarded and undertaken many of the most prestigious luxury residential and elite office projects in the greater Lexington area during their first 11 months in business.

“Our forte is diverse and creative,” said Gerard Higgs, founder and co-owner at the company's 7,000-square-foot headquarters. “I have a background in architecture, and I specify stone and design ideas to contractors and homeowners alike. We have anywhere from 100 to 200 slabs available in our yards at any given time. Our work often involves very creative custom projects like countertops, walls, floors, fireplaces, stairwells, offices and lobbies. You name it and we have probably done it.

“My partners, Ayrin Higgs, Antonio and Ana Guzman, all have a relentless work ethic, and have been in various segments of the stone industry for years,” Higgs continued. “It is that combination of solid experience that has accounted for our fabulous growth in such a short period. We recognized the great potential of this growing Lexington area after relocating here 2 1⁄2 years ago, and have never looked back since.” Currently, the company has 11 employees and increases with part-time employees during peak loads. The company's shop is equipped with a Matrix Stone Products Sebring Gantry saw. “After being at the mercy of fabrication subcontractors, our decision was easy; it was to purchase a Matrix Stone Products Sebring Gantry saw, the workhorse and heart of our fabrication sector,” said Higgs. “Our fabrication shop is now state of the art, or we could not operate at the level of efficiency and preciseness that we demand. The fabricators love the quality and accuracy easily delivered by the Sebring, and quite frankly, it has made the most custom and highest quality work downright simple.”