Mario Sosa of Sosa Granite and Marble recently designed his entire 5,400-square-foot residence in Livermore, CA, with the extensive use of stone materials. The kitchen, bathrooms, foyer area, entertainment center, game room, fireplaces and even features of the front and backyard, including a swimming pool, all utilize a variety of marble, granite and travertine.

According to Sosa, the goal was to take the flair of older homes and mix it in with modern design concepts, and stone was selected for its elegant characteristics. Over 5,000 square feet of stone was used throughout the residence.

The kitchen countertops, which feature a 3-inch ogee bullnose, were fabricated from Colonial Dream Extra granite - quarried by Brasil Natural Stone. The same material was used for the backsplash only an Absolute Black granite inlay - from Quantum GMS of San Leandro, CA - was added to enhance the design. “The kitchen was designed to be modern with a little bit of elegance to it,” said Sosa.

Fior De Pesco Carnico marble was selected for the master bathroom and used in slab form for the steam shower, jetted sunken tub and the floor - which also has an Absolute Black border. A total of 14 slabs of the material were required for the bathroom.

The walls and flooring in the children's bathroom were designed with slabs of Juparana Super Classico granite from Brasil Natural Stone, and an Absolute Black trim also borders the floor. For an additional bathroom, polished Sierra Gold marble was used on the walls and tub, while honed Pueblo travertine was used as flooring. The guest bathroom features Juparana Persia granite from Daltile/Alpha Marble and Granite of Livermore, CA. Another bathroom was designed with slabs of Desert Amarillo granite for the walls and floor, in addition to an Absolute Black border on the floor.

In the study, Empress Green marble wainscoting was employed around the bottom 4 feet of the walls. “The wainscot was created in a 2 1⁄2-inch full bullnose with a 3⁄4-inch offset demi-bullnose,” Sosa explained. “Below that is a 3⁄4-inch ogee offset again. All panel walls and inlays feature the same material with an ogee edge all the way around and an ogee base on it. It is a little different than most houses are done.”

The entry and foyer feature honed Sierra Gold marble from Walker Zanger of Sun Valley, CA.

The use of stone is continued to the exterior features of the house, as the windows, balcony, columns, stairs and front porch were designed with honed Beauharnais limestone from Stone Selection of Union City, CA. The windows were created with a slab trim border, and stone planters were added to the facade of upstairs windows. The backyard features the extensive use of Turko, a Turkish limestone, which was used for pool copings, a porch and steps.

Sosa Marble and Granite installed all of the stonework, and Sosa said he ran into a few challenges when trying to get bookmatched slabs that were fairly consistent. “We had to go out of our way to get them because not everyone provides bookmatched slabs,” said Sosa. “There were also a few difficulties in the project when installing the stone on the walls. We had to coordinate well with the contractor who was plastering the stucco. Otherwise, the stonework was fairly easy.”

Overall construction took about one year, finishing in 2003, from the time workers broke ground until Sosa and his family were able to move in.

“People love it,” he said. “It shows a very elegant, glamorous home, but yet it is very comfortable to live in. It's not too rich to the point where you have to take your shoes off when you walk in.

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Private Residence
Livermore, CA

Stone Fabricator/Stone Installer: Sosa Granite and Marble, Livermore, CA
Stone Suppliers: Brasil Natural Stone (Juparana Super Classico, Colonial Dream granite); Quantum GMS, San Leandro, CA (Absolute Black granite); Walker Zanger, Sun Valley, CA (Sierra Gold marble); Stone Selection, Union City, CA (Beauharnais limestone); EuroStone, Corato, Italy (Empress Green marble); Architectural Stone, Plano, TX (Fior Di Pesco Carnico marble); Daltile/Alpha Marble and Granite, Livermore, CA (Juparana Persia granite)