The Pedrini range dedicated to resining is the result of steady investments in research and design, and it now includes a selection of lines for marble or granite strip and slabs suitable for every productive requirement.

The high technology featuring the Pedrini resining lines includes both the mechanical structure and the software for programming and controlling the working cycles. It also includes high productivity lines, totally automated and controlled by a single operator. The same lines can also be equipped with manual loading, unloading and resining systems. Other system types are also available, ensuring excellent productive levels with reduced spaces.

The resining lines are equipped with drying and curing ovens that ensure a perfect temperature control and the highest operating efficiency, as well as with vertical lifts, moving at high speed on four columns.

The resining robot works with two interpolated axes, controlled by a profile reader while the automatic loaders/unloaders move on raised ways without occupying space on the floor. Any Pedrini line can be customized according to the required productivity and type of automation, available space and shape, reports the manufacturer.

Circle No. 298