The Allen TemplateMaker, an electronic template cutter accessory to ETemplate Photo, is now available from ETemplate Systems. ETemplate Photo and the TemplateMaker are the ideal solution for applications that require templating, but eliminate the inaccuracies of physical templating, according to the company. The combination can measure applications such as stone and solid surface countertops, pool decking, stair building, boat and motor coach interiors, and any other application requiring accurate measurements of complex angles and curves.

The TemplateMaker allows non-CNC users to use ETemplate Photo, and the company reports that improved benefits include improved accuracy, reduced fabrication errors and reduced installation time. A physical template can be cut in the shop with the TemplateMaker from data provided by ETemplate Photo.

The cutter is available in four widths, ranging from 30 to 60 inches, and uses an 8-mil transparent vinyl material. ETemplate Systems and its dealers is the exclusive distributor of Allen TemplateMaker.

Circle No. 295