With a desire to ensure high-quality granite slab production within Brazil, Adael de Oliveira, owner of Qualita Group, purchased his own factory in 1999. The facility, which is named Granimarmores, is located in Itaquacetuba, approximately 30 miles from the bustling city of Sao Paulo. And since making that purchase, the company has not only invested in new stoneworking machinery, but it also purchased several quarries within Brazil.

In 2002, Qualita purchased its first quarry, and it now operates a total of seven quarries, including Giallo Argento (Gold “Oro” and Silver ), Gold and Diamond, White and Silver, Golden Flakes, Peacock Light, Golden River and Golden Eagle.

The factory in Itaquacetuba is equipped with four gangsaws from MGM of Brazil, which process blocks into raw slabs. Shortly after buying the stoneworking plant, Qualita added a new polishing line from MGM, which is equipped with 16 polishing heads. And to meet a popular trend among international customers -- particularly within the U.S. -- the company treats slabs with resin products from Tenax S.p.A. as requested. The resin is applied by hand, and a Rosh Industrial dryer is used to complete the process.

Qualita Group cuts and polishes stone from its own quarries, and it also buys blocks and unpolished slabs from other quarries in Brazil. Approximately 60% of what the company processes is from its own quarries. Their total average production is approximately 300 cubic meters per month of slabs, and approximately two-thirds of that total is for the export market, with the balance destined for their domestic distribution center, known as “Marmo Shopping” -- a concept that allows customers to look at slabs in an open, uncluttered environment.

Among export markets, the U.S. currently represents Qualita's most important target, and the company has opened an office in Florida to support their efforts in America. Leandro de Oliveira has started Worldwide Stone Dealer in Deland, FL, to handle sales, customer support and marketing from a base in the U.S. Other important markets for Qualita are the Middle East and India.

The company's marketing efforts include participations at international trade shows such as Coverings in the U.S., Marmomacc in Italy, and the Vitoria Stone Fair in Brazil.