Marmo Meccanica has introduced the LTT 621 polishing machine. The LTT 621 is a compact straight-belt polishing machine for round and flat edges up to 6 cm in thickness. This new machine has the ability to shape rounded edges without the use of shaped diamond wheels. It also features the mandrels oscillation system made with levers and connecting rods, a micro-oscillation system for flat edge polishing, hydraulic oscillating mandrel engines, conveyor belt speed adjustment by a control panel, motorized pressing bar and an electronic box and hydraulic unit placed out side the machine.

The LTT 621 has one calibration mandrel that is horizontally and vertically adjustable. It also has 45-degree incline opposing mandrels that are automatic, pneumatic or manual when the machine is on, and are mechanical and adjustable when the machine is off. The LTT 621 also has six oscillating mandrels for shaping, grinding and polishing.

Circle No. 296