Custom[r] Building Products announced a new flagship product to lead the company's advanced line of architecturally engineered, polymer-modified thin set mortars. MegaFlex[tm] Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar is a premium mortar, providing tile installation professionals with exceptional bond strength and flexibility for the most demanding tile installations requirements in both commercial and residential environments.

As the name suggests, MegaFlex Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar is a high-end mortar, with a proprietary blend of polymers and inorganic chemicals that creates unsurpassed bond strength, even on difficult-to-bond substrates and non-porous tile such as glass or porcelain - two materials that are fast-growing trends. In fact, bond strengths as high as 680 psi may be achieved when using MegaFlex for porcelain installations. In addition, MegaFlex's advanced formula provides coverage that is up to 20% greater that typical polymer-modified thin-sets.

It is also the most flexible thin-set mortar in Custom's history, protecting tile and stone surfaces from minor deflection and isolating cracks of up to 1⁄16 inch, reports the company. MegaFlex may even be used to tile over existing cracks of up to 1⁄8 inch in width without requiring repairs or filling.

“MegaFlex Ultimate Thin Set Mortar offers a new level of performance for tile professionals,” said Diane Wood, senior product manager at Custom Building Products. “This breakthrough in technology, part of Custom's ongoing commitment to our customers, will allow installers to improve the quality and durability of their most demanding projects.”

In addition to strength and flexibility, its unique blend of polymers and inorganic compounds affords MegaFlex the superior working characteristics that professionals appreciate, according to Custom Building Products. For example, it offers extended open times (up to 120 minutes) and adjustment times (up to 70 minutes) and a smooth, creamy formula that is easy to spread.

Circle No. 293