Gallos Marmoleria's[r] new literature, Stones from Peru, showcases the many different looks and sizes of its Peruvian stone tiles, decorative endcaps and moldings. In the rural lands of the Central Andes, Gallos Marmoleria quarries its beautiful stone. Illustrating a variety of exterior and interior applications, the new booklet features cobble stone walkways and traditional as well as modern chimneys, all created with the stone from Peru. Broken edge mosaics are accented with carved stone sinks, which add ancient aesthetic appeal. Gallos Marmoleria demonstrates how tiles of all sizes and a variety of colors create an unlimited palette of design possibilities. Many mosaic decorative pieces are available as tabletops, wall hangings and inlays. Photos of the factories show the authenticity and care in which these tiles are created.

Circle No. 294