KENT, OH -- A full-service waterjet consulting and engineering group is offering their 37th and 38th Waterjet Cutting Techniques Courses September 14 through 16 and November 9 through 11. These courses are designed to provide rigorous hands-on training in waterjet cutting as well as a foundation in the basic principles of waterjet technology, operation and practice including comparison of waterjet with laser, plasma and oxy-fuel.

The presentation is supported with video, computer generated interactive displays, CAD/CAM and controller demonstrations and will provide information on abrasive recycling. This is not a seminar, it is an opportunity to scan, program and cut parts, rebuild cutting heads and intensifier pumps, and run a waterjet.

The instructor, Richard Ward, CEO of Richel, Inc., has written numerous articles on waterjet applications and given presentations nationally and internationally. Training will be held at Richel's 12,000-square-foot facility at 4485 Crystal Parkway, Suite 100, Kent, OH. To enroll and obtain information, please contact (330) 677-9100 or;