A new seam alignment tool for handling and aligning all types of countertops, flooring, mirrors and other non-porous surfaces, has recently been introduced by Anver Corp. of Hudson, MA. The Anver Model HC-108D Seam Alignment Tool consists of two hand suction cups for picking up non-porous surfaces and features a removable turnbuckle assembly for pulling them together. Simple to use, once the two surfaces have been generally positioned using the individual suction cups, then the ratcheting turnbuckle assembly can be bolted in place for setting the seam.

Providing fully adjustable tension for pulling the pieces together, the ratcheting turnbuckle assembly on the Anver Model HC-108D Seam Alignment Tool has a reversing gear for quick release after setting. It provides over 300 pounds of side pull capacity at a four to one safety factor and multiple tools can be used on larger countertops and floors, as needed.

Circle No. 290