Vytek Industrial Laser Supply is continuing to distribute its Engravers Catalog 2005, which is broken down into six easy-to-follow color-coded categories. Aside from highlighting the companies MLS Series, FX Series and FX2 Series of laser engraving machines for stone, there are also sections labeled, About Us, Samples and Consumables. The catalog highlights the company's flagship product, the M Series Laser Engraving system, which was designed for the widest range of uses and is available in three standard sizes as well as custom sizes. The M Series is extremely versatile and allows for the use of thin objects to very large thick objects, up to 24 inches thick, Vytek reports.

The catalog also features Vytek's F/Xâ„¢ Laser Engraving & Cutting Systems, which combines laser technology with Vyek's proven technology. The system offers cost-effective cutting and engraving in three space-saving sizes. With the specially designed pass-through software flexibility, the Vytek F/X Series can accommodate larger jobs while still being able to produce smaller jobs efficiently. Furthermore, the catalog includes the company's FX2 Series, which is a fully portable and enclosed laser system with cutting and engraving capabilities. It is available is two space-saving sizes and comes standard with a Z-axis adjustment that allows the table to be raised or lowered giving up to a 10-inch clearance for larger objects. The catalog also gives a brief description about the company, and illustrates a variety of samples of finished products that can be completed using Vytek machinery.

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