ROCHESTER, NY -- Ismail Cakir of Metropolitan Granite & Marble Inc. is excited about his new operation, which opened only a few months ago. The company already has a full schedule of orders from all over New York, including Manhattan.

"The company is new, but I have years of experience working in the industry as a principal in other operations," said Cakir. "When I opened Metropolitan Granite & Marble, I decided to kick start the business with radio advertising -- that along with some word of mouth from clients that I have done business with in the past, has exceeded all expectations.

"To say that we are off and running is an understatement," he said. "We are growing virtually by the day. Our 9,000-square-foot showroom is sparkling, and fully equipped as shown on our equally new Web site. Technology is wonderful; we can take project quotes on-line, and get the quote back to contractors, designers and homeowners almost immediately. You can even view our latest projects for your own ideas."

The company currently has five full-time employees with part-time workers helping out as needed, according to Cakir. "Our business mix is about 90% high-end residential and 10% commercial," said the fabricator. "The majority of our work is custom, including countertops, walls and floors with special projects like designer kitchens in matching marble and baths that include touches like a built-in Jacuzzi. We create interesting touches around the home, including columns and fireplaces."

Metropolitan Granite & Marble Inc. offers a complete stock of marble and granite to select from, including a modern fabrication facility right on the premises. "With an operation like that, we have everything scheduled down to the minute," said Cakir. "Being in the business as long as I have gives you a great appreciation for the most dependable personnel and equipment. A malfunction anywhere can really ruin your day."

Cakir attributes the company's new Sebring Gantry saw from Matrix Stone Products of Upland, CA, to his successful business. "The machine is incredible," he said. "It's easy to operate, and the most dependable I know. I have owned other Matrix Gantry saws in the past, it truly is the finest on the market."