Since it has become a mainstay in the international marketplace over the past decade, tumbled stone has been used to provide an Old World look that recalls homes of centuries ago. But the owners and architect for a private residence in Istanbul, Turkey, took on a more modern approach to the application of this material. Using Luna Stone with an antiqued finish, they were able to combine the timeless qualities of natural stone with a modern feel in both design and furnishings.

The greenish/gray-colored travertine was used throughout the home. In the main living area, large-format tiles of antiqued Luna Stone were used as flooring throughout the space. The same stone was also used in a vertical application, cladding simple columns that divide the room, while keeping an overall sense of openness. The living area design features large mirrors and modern lighting fixtures to fit the overall theme. Moreover, the room's simple geometric patterning is picked up at a large feature wall, which is used to display the homeowners' extensive collection of tableware.

The combination of modern design and timeless materials continues into the bathrooms. In the master bath, the floors feature large-format tumbled tiles, and the stone was also used for the walls and furnishings. Larger slabs of Luna Stone were used for the wall, and it was also used to create a simple, yet classy vanity top. The vanity features two stone bowls as sinks, and the room also features unadorned woodwork in deep tones of brown, adding to the overall look of the room. Recessed lighting and contemporary fixtures complete the space.

Another bath area makes even more extensive use of Luna Stone, as it was used to clad an entire wall that houses the sink and a large mirror. The stone cladding is used in alternating rectangular sizes, and the mirror is set back to add a visual effect. The sink and fixtures feature a minimalist design, while maintaining a refined appearance.

A total of 3,000 feet of stone was used in all, and it was supplied by Tureks Marble of Afyon, Turkey.