The Natural Stone Council was formed in the Spring of 2002 to address issues and opportunities in the natural stone industry. The council is comprised of a diverse group of business and association leaders from across the country who represent all facets of the stone industry. Its mission is to increase awareness and education of natural stone in the North American marketplace, thus helping to sustain its position as the premier product in the category. Philosophically, the council's model is clearly one of collaboration; creating an environment where all participants work together for the good of the whole. Through the growing support of many key industry businesses and associations, plans are currently under development with a launch scheduled for the 2004 calendar year.

For more on the Natural Stone Council, contact Mark Fernandes, Vice President of Luck Stone Corp., P.O. Box 29682, Richmond, VA 23242; Phone: 1-800-898-5825, ext. 362; E-mail: