Omni Cubed Design, LLC recently introduced the Lam-Clamp™, a fabrication tool designed specifically for laminating natural and engineered stone. Lam-Clamps consistently out-perform traditional clamping methods (i.e. c-clamps) in speed, seam quality and durability, reports Omni Cubed Design, adding that clamping rates are at least four to six times faster. The clamping force is distributed across the length of the rigid clamping bar, resulting in high-quality seams. “Hidden” threads eliminate epoxy contamination, and easy-grasp T-handles make the clamps effortless to tighten. Lam-Clamps are made in the U.S. with superior materials that won't rust, according to the manufacturer. The company offers a complete line of Lam-Clamps, available in 5-inch, 10-inch, 2-foot, 3-foot, 4-foot and 6-foot lengths. The longer lengths feature a spring-loaded holding claw, which keeps the clamp in place during stone alignment.