Located among enviable real estate that is often referred to as “America's playground” - Palm Beach Marble of Riviera Beach, FL, has enjoyed tremendous growth. The company was established by Carlos Castilla, who opened the fabrication shop, showroom and slab yard in 2003.

“We cater to the high-end home in South Florida,” Castilla said. “All of our business is the result of word of mouth from contractors, designers and decorators, and we like to think it is due to our work ethics and pursuit of excellence.

“The secret to our success and rapid growth is listening to our customers and giving them a quality end product in a minimum amount of time,” Castilla continued. “Our talented staff assists in planning every detail from start to finish. We understand the importance of setting up jobs effectively. We field measure every job prior to executing a contract to ensure correct measurements in the scope of work, labor and material quantities. Upon job commencement we work with your field staff to ensure accurate layouts throughout the job. From this point we require minimal to no supervision because we oversee ourselves. We will do as much or as little as our customer demands of us. We work with the customer, assist in selections and supply samples.”

Palm Beach Marble's operation covers a broad scope in terms of work completed as well as client base. “We cover a wide area, and our customers are savvy in terms of value and service,” he said. “We constantly maintain a demanding schedule thanks to the 22-plus artisans on staff. With all of our planning and daily activity, we count heavily on our production and fabrication departments for consistency, because a breakdown of equipment could put us out of business. We run a Matrix Sebring gantry saw and a Matrix Daytona Edge Profiling System, which are both on the go constantly. They are both excellent pieces of equipment that fit our needs perfectly; I don't know what we would do without them.”