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Buddy Ontra Buddy Ontra
Natural Stone Institute

Buddy Ontra picked up his first piece of stone at the age of 19, and has been perfecting his skills ever since. Buddy began his career installing granite in Houston high-rises in the early 80s. By the early 90s, the focus shifted to kitchens and granite countertops. Throughout the years, Buddy acquired a wealth of experience and adopted new methods combining the old world experience with modern technology.
In 2006, Buddy formed Ontra Stone Concepts, a family business that includes his wife and son. Today, he is well-respected in the profession, looked up to by his peers for his high-quality work, integrity and know-how. As an Industry Consultant and mentor to new fabricators, Buddy helps them develop skills & set up shop.
Buddy is currently serving as President of the Natural Stone Institute. He also holds membership with the Stone Fabricators Alliance, National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Fairfield County. These organizations call on Buddy to speak at industry trade shows and moderate panel discussions attended by other fabricators. He has published numerous articles in trade journals and is nationally renowned as an industry expert, and is a certified speaker with the Natural Stone Institute. "Ontra Stone Concepts: Beating the Odds."