Virtual Event - November 4-5

Perspectives in Benchmarking:
Using Metrics to Drive Growth

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is understanding what metrics are important to measure and how to measure your company against competition. This session will define business benchmarking and discuss what metrics should be measured to ensure a company’s success. The session will also discuss resources for finding industry benchmarks so a company can better measure their metrics against others in the industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Have a better understanding of business metrics and how these measurements affect a company’s efficiency.
  • Create a plan to identify and measure important metrics that are tied to a company’s success.
  • Find industry benchmarks that will help a company measure important metrics against industry norms.
  • Learn how to create efficiencies to place your company in a position for future growth.

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Date: November 4-5, 2020

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Stone Industry Education


Tony Malisani, Malisani Inc.
Industry Leaders participating in the Fabricator Breakout Groups


Target Audience

Business owners, marketing professionals, and other employees interested in growing their business, networking with suppliers, and/or learning "best practices" for running a successful fabrication business.



Day 1: Benchmarking Measurements (November 4):

11:00 am   Stone Summit Introduction/Speaker Introduction

11:05 am   Review of Learning Objectives

11:15 am   Understanding Metrics

11:35 am   Creating Fabrication Metrics

11:50 am   Building Metrics for Installations

12:10 pm   Questions and Final Thoughts

12:25 pm  Closing and Introduction to Virtual Trade Show


Day 2: Using Measurement to Create Efficiency (November 5):

11:00 am   Stone Summit Introduction/Speaker Introduction

11:05 am   Review of Learning Objectives

11:15 am   Using Metrics to Find Bottlenecks

11:35 am   Finding Industry Metrics for Comparison

11:50 am   Installation Challenges

12:10 pm   Changing Activity to Improve Metrics

12:20 pm   Questions and Final Thoughts

12:35 pm   Closing


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