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A Guide to Trending Styles and New Applications to Keep You in the Know

When it comes to material choice, stone and tile remain a top contender. What’s new and different are the variations - from bold colors to playful patterns, to textured finishes and geometric shapes - commercial and residential consumers are requesting fresh designs to meet their desired look.

Join Contemporary Stone & Tile Design, the source for industry news and information, as we walk through the latest stone and tile trends on the market and the myriad of applications being requested today.


Stone and Tile Design Trends



Contemporary Stone & Tile Design promotes the benefits of natural stone and ceramic tile to a readership of architects, interior designers, specifiers and consumers. Its pages feature a wealth of architectural photography depicting stone in a variety of applications -- from residential kitchens and bathrooms to major commercial projects. Practical tips and commentary on stone and tile design are included, featuring interviews with architects and designers from the world's leading firms.

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