Whether it’s labor, capacity or operational costs, businesses face many challenges with growth or even keeping pace with demand and competition. The emergence of digital templating and fabrication offers several benefits and solutions to those challenges. The same fundamentals and experience from manual templating still apply with digital, just executed in a different and more efficient way allowing you to complete more jobs per week or even expand your services.

The LT-2D3D Laser Templator is designed to be extremely intuitive – CAD experience is not required. Quickly shoot any horizontal and vertical job, and then finish your file with overhangs, edge and corner profiles, sink and appliance cutouts, backsplashes and much more all onsite. Send jobsite photos, estimates, customer sign-offs and even CNC-ready files back to the shop directly from the jobsite to expedite the process. You can also switch between 17 different languages to accommodate diverse workforces around the world.

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We are proud to offer a complete package that has you fully equipped, trained and covered for 5 years for less than $18,000. This includes the laser unit with 50+ hour battery life, 1/16” accuracy, extensive range up to 200 feet and nearly 360⁰ visibility, along with sturdy tripod, hardshell roller case and a wide array of accessories. We also include two software licenses for use in the field and back at the shop.

We also understand that everyone’s learning curve is different. From a rookie to a seasoned professional, we feel it’s critical to get everyone up and running comfortably and at their own pace, as well as offer ongoing training and support for as long as you own your system. 

That’s why we include online AND onsite training with every system. Our two-step process includes an initial interactive online training session and subsequent onsite training session at your facility or actual job site with one of our LPI-certified trainers. These in-depth sessions are customized to your skill and comfort level in order for you to master our system for a wide array of applications. We also encourage you to train at our 2,000 SF corporate training center in Romeoville, Illinois where you can learn to template kitchens, fireplaces, showers and more.

The 5-year warranty has its privileges. In addition to a comprehensive warranty designed to provide coverage from workmanship defects AND accidental damage, as well as a loaner program to keep you up and running during repairs or maintenance, you get unlimited training support either online or at our corporate training center! 

Ongoing education and refresher trainings are just as important as the initial trainings, especially as the industry evolves and companies add new team members that need to get up to speed on the LT-2D3D quickly. Another great training and support resource for our LPI family is our KnowledgeShare Facebook group available to current LPI users where they can ask questions and share knowledge with each other and our team regarding our system.